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Half-Up Hairstyles For Dreadlocks

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Colored Half Up Hairstyles For Dreadlocks #dreadlocks #dreadlockshairstyles #hairstyles

Girls who are looking for a happy medium between loose dreads and dread ponytails, we’ve found something you will definitely like. These updos are just magnets to people’s eyes. How about dying some of your locks? Layered half-updos with sky blue shades are totally inspiring. Sometimes we all need to add something colorful to our hair, a little experiment won’t hurt anybody.

Have a look at these dreadlocks hairstyles photos: dreads can make familiar hairstyles look unforgettable. Half-twist dreadlock updo is something that every girl with dreads should try. A little tip for those who are about to dye their locks: get yourself some tresses and paint them in any color you want so that you can take them off when you need and try something new.  

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