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Space Buns Hairstyle

Source: rollies2thesky via Instagram, ashtray_arts via Instagram, annikhm via Instagram

Half Up Space Buns Hairstyle #dreadlocks #dreadlockshairstyles #hairstyles #spacebuns
Silver Half Up Space Buns Hairstyle #dreadlocks #dreadlockshairstyles #hairstyles #spacebuns

Brown Space Buns Hairstyle #dreadlocks #dreadlockshairstyles #hairstyles #spacebuns

Remember the double space buns that have become super popular for their cute and easy-to-get appearance? Well, if you sport dreadlocks, you can take this easy and familiar hairstyle to a whole new level: you can twist the top dreads into buns, leaving the rest of the locks to fall on your chest or put all of your dreads into two full, spectacular buns. Yes, in this way, it won’t be just a-couple-of cute-buns hairdo.

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