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Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are the synonyms to the absolute harmony of proportions. Such faces look very symmetrical as the length of your face is more than its width. The chin is slightly round, yet it’s quite narrow compared to the jaw. Some hairstylists say that there are no wrong haircuts for this face shape, but some of them work for oval faces best. Let’s discover them, then!

Do I Have an Oval Face?

If your cheekbones are the widest point of your face, and your face goes narrower at the forehead and jaw, you’ve got an oval face.

Classy Pixie With Baby Bangs

Classy Pixie With Baby Bangs #pixie #bangs

The best way to emphasize the beauty of your facial proportions is to sport a short haircut that will keep them open. Besides highlighting your best features, this short pixie with baby bangs can also do some framing: if your face is too long that forehead seems very oblong, baby bangs will sort things out with a little, yet fancy fringe.

Source: anna_maria_theresia via Instagram

Short Bob Cut With Slight Waves

Short Bob Cut With Slight Waves #wavyhair #bob #shorthair

Why don’t you embellish your oval face shape with some front waves? Even if you don’t need to elongate the silhouette of your face visually, front framing is still a good idea. It can add more texture and fullness to your hair so as not to make your hair fall flat. A little tip for oval faces: opt for messy and textured cuts that add more volume because flat hair can make your face look too long.

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Lovely Long Layered Haircut

Lovely Long Layered Haircut #longhair #wavyhair

The magic of the front layers will help you see your face shape in a new light. Some women with oval face shapes have no idea how lucky they are, that’s why modern hairstylists have invented layers: they can highlight your beauty and conceal your drawbacks. Just look what a voluminous chevelure this layered cut make out of your hair.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Long Thin Bang

Long Thin Bang #layeredhair #bangs

If your creative soul needs something fresh, a thin bang that barely hits your brows will be a cute detail. Your oval face doesn’t need any cover-ups, yet, this little cutie can emphasize the balance of your look and give you some room for variability.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

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