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Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are all about contrasts of the prominent facial features: they have a wide forehead and very pointed chin. It’s probably one of the most eye-catching face shapes as the whole silhouette usually looks quite unusual and neat at the same time. See what cuts and styles will help you to keep the contrast smooth!

Do I Have a Heart-Shaped Face?

If the widest point of your face is forehead that gradually gets narrower to the jawline, you’ve got a heart-like face.

Long Pixie With Side Swept Bang

Long Pixie With Side Swept Bang #pixie #shorthair

Needless to say, the balance between our haircuts and face shapes is the most desired value. But in this case, is as crucial as never before because, with a proper hairstyle, the very visible difference of widths will be smoothed out. Long pixies with side swept bangs will add more volume to the forehead and frame your cheeks a bit, making your silhouette look more oval.

Source: ivanaluxe via Instagram

Blunt Inverted Bob

Blunt Inverted Bob #bob

Who would’ve thought that the good-old inverted bob would offer so many solutions? The volume on top, the edge on the tips, and fullness all over the body: aren’t these features enough to work on your face shape?

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Shoulder Length Straight Bob

Shoulder Length Straight Bob #bob #straighthair

Believe it or not, the sleek body of this straight bob can beautify your face with its ravishing simplicity. Since you want to counterbalance the angles of your chin and the form of your forehead, it’s better to go for shoulder length bob, as it makes the whole look longer. Plus, this length has lots of styling options.

Source: petermenezes via Instagram

Cute Medium Layered Cut

Cute Medium Layered Cut #wavyhair #mediumhair

How about enhancing the beauty of your prominent jawline with loose beach waves of the layered cut? Layers will make your waves more textured, more visible, thus creating the so much needed volume. With a center part, you will create a perfectly balanced, full, and wavy chevelure that will emphasize your pretty narrow chin.

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

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