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Long Face Shape

Long face shapes are always confused with oval ones. They may look similar from a certain perspective, but they actually have a few things in common. Long faces or somebody may call them oblong, have an elongate silhouette, where cheeks, forehead, and jawline are almost the same width. Such a face shape doesn’t have any prominent points or angles, yet its length might appear too slim and long. That’s why we need a proper cut!

Do I Have a Long Face?

If your chin is slightly curved, while the proportions of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline have the same width, you’ve got a long face.

Side Bang Bob

Side Bang Bob #bob #layeredhair #bangs

For long face shapes, the main aim is to find the hairstyle that will angle them up. Since your facial features are primarily curvy, a side fringe haircut will give a bit edgy silhouette and build a perfectly balanced body.

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Charming Layered Medium Bob

Charming Layered Medium Bob #mediumhair #bob #wavyhair

One of the basic styling tips for oval face shapes is that your cut should be as voluminous as possible. Ask your hairstylist for layers or feathers because such textures lift up the ends and crown, creating the needed fullness. Also, hairstyles with deep side part will be a good idea to volume up the top, as when one side outweighs the other, it gets fuller.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Cool Shaggy Cut With Thick Bang

Cool Shaggy Cut With Thick Bang #longhair #wavyhair #thickhair #bangs

What can be more textured than mid-length shag haircuts? Once you look at this pic, you’ll see the lively movement of each layer: the short ones make the crown fuller, and the long ones add a pleasant texture. Thick bangs can add even more volume, and, most importantly, frame your forehead. With such a sumptuous silhouette of your hair, there’s no way your face will look too long.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Feminine Side-Parted Cut

Feminine Side-Parted Cut #wavyhair #longhair

Waves + side part = simple, yet perfect beautifying hairstyle for long faces. Little slight waves that gently fall on your shoulders will make you look feminine and girly, enhancing the beauty of your facial features. Ladies who want to draw attention from very long faces can style their hair to the side, thus setting the focus on their eyes.

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