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Diamond Shaped Faces

Women with diamond-shaped faces know how sexy angles look like: their high cheekbones and prominent chins will never let them forget about that. The first thing that people notice when they see such ladies are their wide jawline, and that makes them feel uncomfortable sometimes, as they feel there’s a lack of balance in their look. Obviously, they just need a new cut that will align everything.

Do I Have a Diamond-Shaped Face?

If your face is longer than it’s wider, your cheekbones are the widest point of your face, the forehead is relatively narrow, and the chin has a V-shape, you’ve got a diamond face.

Extremely Short Layered Pixie

Extremely Short Layered Pixie #shorthair #pixie #layeredhair

Professional hairstylists suggest ladies with diamond-like face shapes stay loyal to short length hair. The point is not to hide some of the facial features; it’s about making them look well-balanced by styling the top layer as voluminously as possible. Such a short pixie, where short layers create a lovely movement, can be a stunning idea to set the balance.

Source: sarahb.h via Instagram

Bold Pixie With Long Bang

Bold Pixie With Long Bang #pixie #bangs

Let’s don’t forget about the power of bangs; after all, they have approaches for every face shape. If you like the idea of a short pixie, but you’re not really into spiky, messy, and edgy looks, it’s better to go for longer fringe that allows flexible styling in the forehead area. Just look how this short and long duo accentuates the broad cheekbones without making them look bigger!

Source: rubyrose via Instagram

Long Pixie With Layered Bang

Long Pixie With Layered Bang #bangs #pixie

The fringe pixie is designed for ladies who find their foreheads to be super broad. Not only does such cut hides up the flaw but also gives you a pleasant texture that can nicely complement fine and thin hair.

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Simple Short Blunt Bob

Simple Short Blunt Bob #bob #shorthair

Here comes a simple, yet absolutely modern idea for lucky girls with diamond-shaped face and thick hair. Yes, it’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone: this short blunt bob can frame your face in the way you want to make you feel comfortable with your facial features and whip your unruly locks into shape at once, creating the illusion of absolute symmetry.

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

All today’s pics are here to show you that a few flips of sheers can change the way you look, and surgery is the last thing you should think about when you want to change something. Now you know what hairstyles will suit your particular face shape, so nothing stops you from calling your hairstylist and asking for something fresh and flattering! Always love yourself the way you are, improve your look, and don’t be shy to experiment!

Main photo by Mane_ivy