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17. How To Cut A Mohawk With Clippers

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How To Cut A Mohawk With Clippers

Now let’s explore how to cut a Mohawk with clippers. Begin with sectioning out the hair to assure that various sections get trimmed properly. Using a guard to accommodate the length you wish to achieve on the sides of the Mohawk, begin trimming one side of your hair starting at the ear. Slowly work your way to the hair line of the section that you have pinned up, taking extra care not to cut into the actual Mohawk but making sure to get the short hairs cut away to provide a uniform look. Once you have completed the side, proceed to the back, using a mirror and taking special care to trim hair into the “c” shape that is customary with the Mohawk. Once you have completed the side, go back over the entire area to ensure no stray hairs have been left behind. Proceed to complete the same process on the opposite side. Once you have taken care of the side, it is time to move to trim the actual Mohawk hair. Using clippers or scissors, trim hair accordingly and then style as desired.

18. Bubble Braid Mohawk Style

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Bubble Braid Mohawk Style

This picture is a beautiful representation of the bubble braid Mohawk style. In order to get this style, you want your hair semi-wet. Not dripping wet but just damp enough to control it because if it is too wet, then you can’t achieve the bubble effect. Begin with sectioning off a portion of hair at the top of the head and securing it with an elastic. Next, gather an additional section of hair and add your first section to that one. Secure them with a hair elastic and then gently pull on the outer edges of that section of hair to achieve the bubble effect. Repeat this process until you reach the nape of the neck, and you have your bubble braid. Once you reach the nape of the neck, you can either continue with the bubble braid, add a fishtail braid variation or simply leave it in a ponytail. This is a cute hairstyle for children and adults alike and doesn’t take an excessive amount of time to acquire.

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