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7. Style A Fohawk With Short Hair

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Style A Fohawk With Short Hair

Next, we will explore how to style a fohawk with short hair. Remember, if you have thin hair, do the proper preparation to assure that your style will have the desired appearance. If you have wavy hair, you can use a straightening iron to smooth out the waves taking care to bring everything in the proper direction for your chosen style. Next, you should begin styling the top in the desired manner. Whether it is a swooping pouf or a spiky edgy style, these are merely a couple of potential styles you could achieve.

8. Faux Hawk With Long Hair

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Faux Hawk With Long Hair

How to do a faux hawk with long hair? This playful and sometimes elegant style is easily varied to achieve alternate styles. Although it appears complicated, it is actually fairly simple. This style is obtained by making various ponytails and looping the bottom one through the top and then pulling the links to achieve the level of volume you want. If you have difficulty getting the hair to stay in position, then you should try using hair pins to secure the strands in the proper spot. This is a good tip to use when learning how to make a faux hawk with long hair, hair pins and good hair products are your closest allies. The long hair faux hawk is quickly becoming a go-to style.

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