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9. Best Hair Products For Faux Hawk

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Best Hair Products For Faux Hawk

Everyone wants to know the best hair product for faux hawk styles. One thing that can ruin any hairstyle is frizzy hair. It is important to control that aspect with good conditioner which will make your hair more manageable to do the things you want. Next, you will need to find a mousse that has a good degree of stiffness, enabling you to control the hair not for the hair to control you. You will need a good blow dryer with variable heat controls as to not scorch your hair. Extreme hold hairspray is essential! Do not try to get by with any lesser strengths of hair spray. You will end up with a flopping mess long before your day is over. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what hair product is best for a faux hawk. Different hair responds differently to different products. Therefore, experimenting is the only way to find out what would work best for you.

10. Fohawk Fade

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Fohawk Fade

The fohawk fade eliminates the worry of styling the sides and back of your hair. The sides and back of this cut are cropped close and fade upwards to the length of the hair. Designs are often cut into the short hair on the sides and/or the back of the head. If one has a tattoo in the hair line, this would be an ideal way to draw attention to it with a haircut of this manner. Although there are varying degrees and fade types, the ultimate decision comes down to what look the client desires. You can achieve a mild effect or a drastic change just by varying the uniqueness of the fade part of this cut. Typically, men crop their hair super close to the skin and often do a bald type of fade. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to leave the hair longer and use designs as embellishments.

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