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11. Girly Faux Hawk On Long Hair

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Girly Faux Hawk On Long Hair

One of the hottest new trends in the hairstyle industry is faux hawk girl long hair styles. Whether worn up or down, this hairstyle is all the rage right now. Elegant but edgy, it is reminiscent of Viking women’s hairstyles. When you add some color, be it highlights or splashes of a vibrant color, it only enhances the effects of this hairstyle. This style is widely used in weddings and other formal events today. You can even incorporate cornrows, twists and other braids into your faux hawk. There are multiple online tutorials on how to faux hawk girls long hair. These will help you and also give you more options on variations to the style. Try this chic style and play with its variations. It may just be your next go-to hairstyle.

12. Faux Hawk With Double Braids

Source: theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

Faux Hawk With Double Braids

Let’s explore the beautiful world of the faux hawk girl braid. You are sure to turn heads with this sassy braid. This bold Dutch braid which is an inside-out French braid, making it bulkier, is an asset to your hairstyle artillery. Even if you have long hair, you can see what you might look like with short hair with a tucked Dutch braided faux hawk. There are multiple variations of the faux hawk to accessorize your style. You can do double braids and can add side braids do a half up ombre braid. The two-toned look of the ombre is certain to stop people in their tracks as they see the style you’ve created. One of my favorites is the messy ponytail. This look combines the faux hawk braid with a messy ponytail for a shabby chic look that is so very popular today. The picture above is another variation of this style as it combines double braids adding another dimension to the hairstyle.

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