Atlanta Haircolorist
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE: Hair is such a delicate matter that you would not entrust it just to anyone. That said, Miarenee is a person who you can totally rely upon without thinking. She knows exactly what your hair needs and understands your requests at a glance. Moreover, she has an eye for detail and a kind of the sixth sense, allowing her to choose a hair look that would accentuate your beautiful facial features while disguising any potential flaws. Even though it is an inborn gift, you can still adopt her experience and knowledge to learn how to choose a perfect hairstyle for yourself or others. In addition, she can best handle color-treated and damaged locks, teaching you how to take care of them so that they look their best. Last but not least, Miarenee knows the secret of going from brunette to blonde with no loss and she will eagerly share it with you.

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