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Try Our These Hit Long Layered Haircuts And You Won’t Regret

Long layered haircuts work great for those who are trying to go from a short style to a longer length and are looking for an in-between style. Long hair is gorgeous, but sometimes it can be quite tedious to style, especially if you are in the process of growing out your hair. Or, if you have had long hair for quite some time and need a change, a layered long haircut can be a fun option. A layered cut will add volume and eliminate some of that weight if you have heavy, limp hair.

Layered haircuts can add a lot of diversity to your normal style. You should always ask your hairdresser for smooth graded layers in the front that softly frame your face with longer layers in the back. Most layered cuts have longer bangs which can be either styled to one side or worn straight across for a blunt effect.

Whether you opt for classic or funky, haircuts for long hair can really show off your style and personality. Also, make sure to remind your stylist of the specifics you opt for. Do you want a soft, feminine look with sleek and smooth layers that blend perfectly? Or, do you want a messy, shaggy style for a bolder and daring look? Remember to ask your stylist to cut your hair around your face to accentuate your best features: whether it’s your cheekbones, chin, or your eyes.

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