Latest Spring Hair Colors Trends for 2019

The Top List Of Mesmerizing And Fresh Spring Hair Colors

Spring hair colors are something that all the ladies who follow the trends are talking about right now. Once the cold season passes and the season of sun and flowers is ready to take its place – all women wish to change. And the change usually starts from the hairstyle, and that sometimes involves the transformation of hair shade. That is why we decided that it would be more than appropriate to treat you with the fair share of shades that are going to be on the top when the season hits. Right before we proceed, we would like to warn you that this year is going to start with subtler and calmer shades that is why it is time to break away from all the screaming colors and embrace the more natural hues.

Blonde With Dark Roots

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Spring hairstyles with outgrown roots are going to be on the edge of popularity. Together with pale and creamy blond shades, the dark roots will conquer the fashion world. To tell you the truth the invasion has already begun, and red carpets are full of celebrities sporting the same hairstyle. That is why if you wish not to lag behind the celebrities just let your hair grow without dyeing it too often. In case, this way out does not really suit you; you can always ask your hair stylist to add some extra dark shade to the root area while dyeing the rest of your hair blonde. A charming balayage will also suit the goal well too. Besides when it comes to the length – you can sport this spring’s look regardless!


Rose Gold Color

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When it comes to best hair color for 2019 among all the other hair color ideas there comes rose gold. This shade is incredibly unique not to mention versatile since you can always experiment with which shade you would like to be added more - blonde or pink. What is more, this shade is exceptionally gentle-looking despite the hidden edginess. That is why if you wish to greet the season with something out of the ordinary but without taking it over the edge - then rose gold shades are what you should opt for in the first place.


Nude Hair

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Among all the hair colors ideas nude hair is pretty new and sounds a little confusing, we agree upon that. The thing is that this technique has appeared not so long ago and is still trying to make its way into the world of hair fashion. We think once it does it is going to stay there forever. What is so unique about this technique? The thing is that it is done in such a manner that you can’t see the combination of different shades on your hair – what you see is just one shade melting into another. And that is what creates that unforgettable impression of dimension and natural beauty. It does not matter whether blonde or brunette you are – this technique can be applied to any hair with no loss of its fabulous effect. Try it!


Face-Framing Balayage And Highlights

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It is true that such techniques as balayage and highlighting seem to go nowhere. But when spring 2019 hits there will be a little change to the trend. As we predict the full balayage hairstyles are pushed away to wait for summer, and when spring comes, it is time to play around a little. What does that mean? That means that if you decide to go for balayage – add it just to the front so that it frames your face best and nothing more. We must admit that the effect is mouth watering – that is for sure!


Color-Melted Ombre

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Not everyone is ready for a dramatic change when the spring hits, that is the fact. For those of you who would like not to stand out in the crowd but still look fashionable and stylish, we have a fresh idea in mind. The color-melted ombre is a recent technique which suggests adding to your mane a new twist without taking it too far. All that it takes to get a color-melted ombre is an experienced professional stylist and your desire to look beautiful and natural altogether. Color-melted ombre will grant your hair that multidimensional vibe that goes well with any length or shade!

Sun Kissed Hair Colors

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Spring hair colors 2019 are all different and unique in their own ways, but one thing remains – sun- kissed hair is going to be trendy no matter what. That is why if this is your favorite look – do not limit yourself! What is more, there is a number of techniques to help you achieve the desired effect. Think – highlights, lowlights, balayage, baby lights, somber – anything that you like most and opt for a perfect sun-kissed look to great the season in full armor!

Dusty Pastel Colors

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Those of you who are in love with all possible hair color experimentations should in no case worry since spring is about to bring some bright and new into the world of hair fashion. All the bright shades stepped aside for a while and gave the road to all possible dusty pastel colors. Lavender tones, as well as all possible hues of purple, are on the top of the list. What is more, if you do not wish to go all-in – there is no need. Pastel highlights or balayage counts as well!


Inky Black

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Before going inky black, make sure you have enough time and will for its maintenance. This deep rich shade requires regular upkeep between the visits to the hair salon, as it may fade away quite fast. Thus, arm yourself with a moisturizing no sulfate shampoo, a toner and other hair products for color enhancement. Although to pull off this color, you'll need to make a bit of effort, it fully pays off. Your locks gain infinite depth, luster and splendor altogether.

Ash Gray

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An ash gray hair color is an ongoing trend that will instantly make you look stylish and fashion savvy. Its main benefit is that it's quite low maintenance. The roots are dyed darker initially, so you won’t need to retouch them too often. Also, ashy gray is an extremely versatile color, as it flatters basically any skin tone. Though, the trickiest part is to get the desired color right. Thus, ensure that your hair stylist is skilled enough to prepare your locks and mix hair dyes properly.

Chestnut Brown And Gold

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If you're more after natural hair colors, then opt for chestnut brown. This gorgeous shade with cool undertone will give your look a beautiful flair. Though, to warm it up a little, enhance your new hair color with a touch of gold. You can pull off this modern take on a classic chestnut brown hair color by framing your face with it, lightening up the ends or even creating a dazzling ombre.