There are many Halloween hairstyles for girls that are truly impressive today. These hairstyles come in miraculous forms and colors. And of course, like all hairstyles for a special occasion, hairstyles for Halloween often involve interesting hair accessories. But which style to pick? We will help you to pick the fanciest ‘do for a Halloween party.


Little Stars Hairstyles

Halloween hairstyles for girls can overwhelm you with their immense versatility. However, all it takes is to imagine how you want to see your little one and head in that direction. For instance, if you are set on succeeding with a gorgeous sorceress vibe, we suggest you add some golden stars to her hair. Just a simple starry headpiece will transform your girly into a powerful sorceress. Add some light waves to the scene so that the aura of magic is almost palpable. There’s nothing scary about the look, but Halloween isn’t about horrors and screams. It’s about freeing the inner mysticism for a single night.


A Little Bit Scarry Halloween Hairstyle For Girls

Horror Halloween Hairstyles for Girls #haloweenhairstyles #braids
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Luckily, easy Halloween hairstyles for little girls exist these days. Which means that you do not have to take a course in hairdressing in order to help your daughter prepare her unique image for the Halloween party.

Halloween Hairstyles With Spider Accessories

Some Halloween hairstyles require not much than hair accessories to be appropriate for the theme. So, you can simply shop and adorn your daughter’s hairstyle with the attributes of the holiday.


Broken Dolls Hairstyles

Broken Dolls Hairstyles
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Also, it would be a wise decision to call other parents and ask about their children’s Halloween costumes, accessories, and hairstyles. Thus, your daughter will stand out, but definitely in a good way.

Hairstyles for Little Witches

Is your girl a little witch this Halloween? Let her powers prosper! Pick a hairstyle that a hat could complement.


Unicorn Hairstyles

It’s never too late to believe in unicorns, especially if your little lady can look like one this Halloween. Nowadays, not every Halloween look should be all about horror, so you can fascinate everyone in a fairy-like way! Double fishtail braids, voluminous waves or a faux hawk pull through braid can be a good base for a unicorn horn!

Hairstyles Ideas For Princess

Every mom tells her daughter that she’s a princess, so why don’t create a true princess look for your beautiful kid? Show her how gorgeous she is, set a shiny crown or tiara on her delicate updo or gentle half-up with a twisted top.

Hairstyles Of Your Favorite Characters

When Halloween is coming, everyone should let the imagination run fly! Otherwise, there’s no chance a perfect and captivating look like these will come to your mind. Ask your cutie what fairy tale character she likes the most and make her happy by stealing its hairstyle!


Little Fairy Hairstyles

Don’t forget that fairies are something that our little girls will never stop adoring! You can go creative and do a unique butterfly or bow design right on her head or simply wave her lovely locks and let the authentic accessories do the talking.

Hairstyles for Girls with Halloween Accessories

Beauty comes in simplicity, and that’s a proven fact. You can transform your little girl with as much as a pair of Halloween-themed accessories at hand. Whether these are whimsical pumpkin hair ties, witchy bow pins, or bat-shaped accessories – you name it. Play with loose locks, tie her hair into neat pigtails, or welcome the messy mythical vibe with cute top knots. In either case, your little fairy will look festive and sweet, with just a pinch of scary.

Classy Vampire Style

Classy Vampire Style
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What Halloween can go without blood-thirsty vampires? Well, take your holiday experience to a new level with a messy high bun and vampiric makeup. The cape and the alluring smile showing pointy teeth will do the rest. You may want to tie your little one’s hair with a blood-red tie to enhance the dark but elegant vibe. It is incredible how such a dark and dangerous creature as a centuries-old vampire can look so sophisticated and sweet!


Cute Skeleton Look

Classy Skeleton Style
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If you feel that you can master the skeleton mask and draw it perfectly on your little one’s face, the rest is easy. You can craft something out-of-the-ordinary and opt for a layered hairdo, or you can merely create two slightly asymmetrical top knots framing the face and leave the rest of the mane to flow loose. A daring flair can be captured just like that!

Kids Halloween Hairstyles Inspired Animals

Not every kid is a fan of dark creatures of the night, such as ghosts, zombies, and vampires. You can transform your child into a mighty lion, elegant deer, or any other cute animal. It takes a fair share of face makeup to replicate the animalistic image, but as for the hair part – it is easy. You can let it loose with decorative antlers as a headpiece or tease it well to reach the volume of a lion’s mane. Use your creativity to the fullest, and you will succeed with a playful and perfectly festive ‘do in no time!

Pirates Hair Idea

Pirates Hair Idea
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Halloween is ideal for setting your sails on an adventure, and dressing up as a pirate is what most kids crave. Pirate hair is easy, but you may want to gather some decorative elements first if you can find a pirate hat – perfect. If not – worry not. Just wrap a bandana with sculls over your girl’s head, and you’ll succeed with the same effect. In the meantime, braid small braids randomly and secure them with daring skull and crossbones clips. You can intertwine colorful add-ins to take a look to the new level of pirate!


Just Add Some Colorful Spice to Your Halloween Style

Halloween is the time to try out something new. If your little princess does not want to dress up as anyone she fancies, just spice up her unique self instead. Vibrant neon add-ins braided into playful pigtails or more intricate hairdos will do the part. Besides, you can go to the length and coat her mane with a semi-permanent dye and let the kid enjoy the colorful outcome.

FAQ: Halloween Hairstyles For Girls

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