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Curly Short Hair

Source: wednesdaytomorrowbird via Instagram, esterlymelo via Instagram, aiyanaalewis via Instagram

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For a long time, it has been considered that a combination of short haircuts and curly hair is non-existing. That influences the choices of many curly-haired beauties, due to the fear of looking bad they have been avoiding short cuts for ages. The time has come! The hair fashion proves that the mix of natural curls and short haircuts is divine, there is so much you can pull off with the help of this union. Curly bobs look extremely sweet and feminine, you can use it to bring a girly side out, but in order to stay a little edgy and no tot spend too much time on fixing your hair – going as short as possible is an excellent and stylish way out. Think about it!

Main photo by Chloenbrown