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How To: Style A Short Bob

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How To Style A Short Bob #shorthair #tutorial #hairstyles #bobhaircut #blondehair

Want your short bob to look well-groomed? See how you can give a tone of volume to your hair with a curling iron.

  1. Section off the top layer of your hair and clip it.
  2. Take your iron, wrap it around very gently, going away from your face. Make sure that the iron is facing the front.
  3. Put the clipped section down and separate the mohawk area, and style the second layer in the same way.
  4. To volume up the crown, take some crown sections and curl them slightly.
  5. Finish your hairstyle by clipping the front locks at the very edge and curling them away from your face. P.S. Don’t forget about heat protectants and hairspray!
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