Wearing a Jewfro hairstyle is enough to have all eyes on you. It just so happens, curls have always been a magnet to ladies’ eyes. And the best thing is, you don’t need to be an African American or Jewish guy to wear the style.


To keep your curly look not only unique but also masculine enough, it’s very important to keep up with the shape of style that suits you best. Today we’d like to share with you everything you need to know about the growing curly trend. See how to create, maintain, and rock an enviable kinky mane that will make heads turn!

What Is A Jewfro?

No wonder you come up with the question “what is a jewfro?” as its name might sound a bit confusing. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of afro hair and a Jewish style. And the first thing you should remember is that it’s not a style that only Jewish men can sport. Jewfro hair is a common name for kinky, thick, and curly hair textures seen on white guys. The style is often referred to as “white afro”, “white ‘fro”, and “bro ‘fro”.

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How To Get A Jewfro?

There’s one universal way on how to get a Jewfro: to get a properly done haircut. To achieve the classic look, your hair must be trimmed evenly all around your head. As for sideburns area, you can trim your hair shorter than the overall length, if you want. The ideal length for Jewfro hairstyles that will show off the coiled texture lies somewhere in between 4 and 8 inches. If you go shorter, the round shape won’t come out; and if you decide to go longer, your curls will weigh down.

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Hair Care Basics To Keep Up With Your Jewfro Hairstyle

There’s no need to tell you how to grow a Jewfro as you simply need to skip some barbershop appointments. But when it comes to dealing with curly manes, things get way more complicated. Since kinky, coiled textures tend to get frizzy all the time, they become prone to damage and may dry out quickly. So having the right products and styling tools is crucial. Keep in mind these basics!

  • Lightweight hair mousses with no shine are must-haves for daily stylings. Men who are into a shiny finish can use styling creams as an alternative to daily mousses.
  • Using leave-in conditioners are a nice way to soften and hydrate your curls. But it works well only for hair that is shorter than 6-inches. If used on longer manes, it can cause your curls to weigh down, thus spoiling the ‘fro look.
  • Style your hair with a hairdryer to create a nice, volumetric shape. Make sure to apply heat protectant before blow drying your hair.
  • If your look doesn’t hold, you can finish the style with a light coat of hair spray. To keep your look natural, try to leave one foot of a distance when coating your hair with the product.
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Now, let’s finally see how the popular modern Jewfro haircuts and hairstyles look like!

Mini Jewfro With Medium Tight Curls

Nowadays, more and more men prefer to keep their ‘fro medium. The reasons for that are pretty obvious: such a length is comfy to wear and it doesn’t stand out in the crowd too much. Together with light stubble, this idea works awesomely for the square face, balancing everything out.


Faded Jewfro

Fade is just everywhere, and there’s nothing bad about it! Is there a better way to outline and enhance a man’s curly texture in such an immaculate way? A Jewfro fade cut that focuses on the super textured top is a cool and fresh option for those who appreciate significant simplicity.

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Sandy & Beachy Jewfro Hair

There’s nothing simpler than rocking a medium curly chevelure. And when you are about to freshen things up, some new color is key. This sandy blonde Jewfro with a wet and shiny texture looks pretty authentic and modern, which is a win-win for creative gents.

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Fine Curls

Fine curls always look distinctive and chic. Plus, it’s easier to volume up finer curls. Men with thick chevelures can separate some thinner hair out, tousling them for the sake of hair lift. If you have fine hair already, you’re in luck; volume will stay with you a bit longer.

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Caramel Jewfro

Let’s get back to popular color ideas. When trying to find out how to make a Jewfro look good, don’t focus on the products only. Some accentuating highlights can be a fantastic complement to your twisty chevelure, too.

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Jewfro Hairstyle With Beard

A beard that has always been and probably will always be a symbol of masculinity is a good match for Jewfro. It can be any beard style you please. But don’t forget about the balance! A circle, boxed, royale beard, and goatee are perfect options.

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Highlighted Tips

To enhance the classy movement of your curls, nothing works better than highlights that hit your ends. It’s a nice idea for guys who love looking different and effortless at the same time.

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Mini ‘Fro Fringe

You can make your curls fall on your face like a bowl cut. In other words, once you opt for a mini ‘fro style, you will achieve a voluminous, face-framing haircut. Such ideas are meant for men who want to balance out their facial features, hiding up the broad forehead.

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Shaggy ‘Fro

For a naturally messy look, shaggy layers are the musts! Layers involve texturizing that changes the thickness of the curls, making them lighter and thus giving a scruffy appearance. If the I-don’t-care look is what you seek, copy this idea.

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Parted ‘Fro

Side parts create a very elegant and refined look to Jewfro styles. Yet, you will probably need to ask your barber to razor it out: in most cases, thick hair is impossible to brush to one side accurately.


Big Jewfro Hairstyle With Defined Curls

These curls are long, huge, and so thick! Actually, this is how well-moisturized and conditioned curls look like. Don’t ever neglect the right upkeep routine and your ‘fro will be on point.

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Teased Jewfro

Those sporting ‘fro styles can’t have too much of volume! And when they need some more (or even more) boost, they go for teasing their locks. Just tease your hair outwards to give them a more relaxed and volumetric body.

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Large Curls

For some men, the bigger the curls, the better. The best thing is, such ‘fro grows pretty quickly if you have naturally fine and curly hair. Many modern hipsters prefer to go easy and get their hair permed.

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Wild Style

Here’s a perfect example that will sort out the Jewfro vs afro battle. Guys, they’re the same thing that splits into two separate directions to point out a wearer’s origin. Let’s forget about Jewfro and afro hairstyles and have a look at this wild ‘fro. It’s simply amazing.

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Perfect Jewfro

If you notice that your curls form a crescent silhouette, congratulations! You have a perfect Jewfro. This idea is just the opposite of popular messy styling and is created for men who are into well-groomed looks.

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Jewfro hairstyles, whatever they are, are nothing but marvelous ways for modern men to look different. Such texture requires special approach, and today you’ve learned how to manage it all. Let your curls grow and open your heart for fascinating curly experiments!

FAQ: Jewfro

Why do I have a Jewfro?

Because of the tightness of the Type III curls and IV hair, this type of hair has a tendency to resist gravity until they reach very long lengths, allowing for a Jewfro to be worn with a wide range of hair lengths.

How do you avoid a Jewfro?

To maintain your Jewfro looking well, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Keep shampooing your hair to a bare minimum.
  2. Maintain the health of your tresses by moisturizing them. After you’ve taken a shower, don’t forget to treat your damp hair with a leave-in conditioner.
  3. Brushing your locks is not a good idea. When you brush Jewish haircuts, they don’t like it.