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Time To Treat Every Day With A Fresh Lob Haircut

A lob haircut is something you should consider next time you are going to visit your hair stylist. Apart from the fact that this is the most popular haircut among the celebrities now, it is also extraordinary versatile. It does not matter what type of hair you have, what shape your face is of and what shades you prefer to wear on a regular basic. Today we are going to prove you that there is nothing you couldn’t combine well with a long bob haircut.

What Is A Lob Haircut?

Lob haircut definition is an abbreviation for a “long bob.” It is somewhere between a short bob and a mid-length cut. If you want to go a bit shorter, without going overly dramatic, a lob might be just what you are looking for!

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If you are still wondering what is a lob haircut, take a gander at this sassy style! This longer version of the classic lob with choppy ends and long layers is the perfect example! And what makes it even more fun is the dark roots with ash blonde hues for a look that’s fun and flirty!

And lobs are so easy to style. Simply add a volumizing product and blow dry your hair with a round brush. Make a deep part and style your hair to one side. Then run your fingers through your hair to give it a sexy bedhead look that will drive men to their knees!

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A good question is what is a lob hair style and how can you make it in the easier way? Just look at this choppy wavy lob with soft shades of buttery blonde! It’s so cute and girly if you are looking for a look that’s youthful and chic!

Again, it’s so easy to style, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. Simple spritz in a good amount of sea salt spray, scrunch and allow to dry. When its try, just toss your tresses and go!

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Still confused as to what does it mean lob haircut? This long, graduated bob is the perfect example of a trendy lob haircut! The slight choppy ends give it a bit of an edgy vibe and the slightly messy waves give it a sultry carefree look.

The platinum blonde shade is so much fun as well. If you don’t want to go full-on blonde, opt for a light blonde balayage with dark undertones.

And this is a breeze to style. Simply make a messy part and comb your fringe to one side. Blow it dry, picking up small sections one at a time and letting them fall in a sexy, tousled style that shows your playful side.

Source: bescene via Instagram

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