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What Is TWA Hair?

What Is TWA Hair #naturalhairstyles #shorthair #twahair

TWA hair, or Teeny Weeny Afro if you please, is a 2-inch length haircut meant to give natural hair a break from damage. Although this hair type has the most enviable and voluminous texture, it’s very fragile and thus prone to breakage. That is to say, even with those amazing protective hairstyles, your hair will sooner or later require a fresh start. And this is where TWA comes in!

Before you jump into conclusions about commitment, let us share with you some advantages of the haircut. Once you go for the short cut, you can:

  • let your natural hair grow healthy
  • experiment with the texture of your curls
  • rock a simple but striking wash and go style
  • diversify your looks with slicked hairstyles

Now, how about you to see how the magic power of TWA natural hair cuts and styles works with your own eyes? We’ve got something you won’t be able to take your eyes off!
Source: d2themasterbarber via Instagram

Short Defined Curls

Short Defined Curls #naturalhairstyles #shorthair #twahair

Let’s start with one of the hottest TWA styles 4c hair can rock with. Tons of definition on the top and a unique shaved design on the sides are the reasons so many women of color go crazy with the short haircut.

Source: d2themasterbarber via Instagram

Geometric Buzzed TWA

Geometric Buzzed TWA #naturalhairstyles #shorthair #twahair

Your natural hair is a canvas to your imagination, regardless of what length you flaunt with. And if you’re one of those bold ladies who are giving new life to their afro curls, why don’t do it creatively? This extra-short buzzed masterpiece with a geometric design is a good start, though.

Source: adrianfanus via Instagram

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