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Pageboy Haircut Is The Trend That Will Always Be Around

Some new versions of the pageboy haircut are about to take you on a fashionable time travel journey. If you scroll the pages of a vintage magazine from the mid-50s, the pudding-bowl haircuts of nifty mods will fill the space around you, as they were so popular those days. Such fringe cuts, which have straight hair hanging to the ears and then turning under, have gone through many uses and one century to become a modern, fashionable, and feminine haircuts for women.

How about turning retro-inspiration into another nowadays’ trend? With the endless creativity of professional hairstylists, this cut can be customized in any way you want: choose a technique, texture, length, and color that you like the most and create a flirty and fun style with the new old cut. Our ideas will help you out. Just check them all!

Main photo by Ilyashuvalov_nn

Classy Pageboy Haircut

Classy Pageboy Haircut #pageboyhaircut #shorthaircut #haircuts #bangs #straighthair

When it comes to choosing a perfect cut for straight hair, a pageboy haircut is off the charts. First of all, it gives a polished texture and lots of natural shine to your hair just because it involves a very immaculate body. So whether you have thin or very thick and fine hair, such a cut will tame and calm down any chevelure, making it look as shiny as the glorious classy idea above.

Source: tansrikeumela via Instagram

Funky Pageboy Cut With Edgy Layers

Funky Pageboy Cut With Edgy Layers #pageboyhaircut #shorthaircut #haircuts #bangs #straighthair

Layers will be the first ones to cut the ribbon and introduce the versatility of the pageboy cut. As we’ve mentioned before, you can add a touch of any cutting technique to this classy cut to make it absolutely suitable for you.

Our layered pageboy haircuts pictures are here to show you the magical movement and voluminous body of straight locks that you can get! And this pic isn’t an exception: edgy layers and bangs will fill your thin hair not only with the illusion of fullness but also with a lot of charm.

Source: saripaints via Instagram

Sassy Choppy Pageboy

Sassy Choppy Pageboy  #pageboyhaircut #shorthaircut #haircuts #bangs #straighthair

Choppy cuts are meant to reveal our punky nature. Girls who don’t take their cuts seriously or don’t really want to do something except washing their hair never pass choppy pageboy cuts. The locks stick randomly, yet it’s a very pretty option for all those shakedown teens who are into sporting the “I don’t care” looks.

Source: wessharpton via Instagram

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