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Flirty And Girly Braided Pixie-Bob

Source: elisa222314 via Instagram, chloenbrown via Instagram, ezmiabascom via Instagram

Side Flirty And Girly Braided Pixie Bob #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #braids

Messy Flirty And Girly Braided Pixie Bob #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #braids
Front Bangs Flirty And Girly Braided Pixie Bob #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #braids

Nothing seems to be easier than braiding the sides of pixie haircuts. Sometimes all those styling products and tools are not enough for creative natures, so here come the ageless braids that can always spice up your hair, regardless of your hair length. You can braid one side of your pixie bob haircut, or create a diagonal braid that goes either over or beneath your crown; it’s all up to you. Just remember that not all the unique looks take a lot of time!

Life is too short to be afraid of changes. Pick the idea you liked the most and bring it to life. Be careful: you can get tired of compliments!

Main photo by Chloenbrown