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Wavy Pixie Bob

Source: micahgianneli via Instagram, chloenbrown via Instagram, paulinhasampaio via Instagram

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Now let’s talk about the versatility of our adorable bob haircut. Well, you can see it with your own eyes. Whether you want to create a tender evening look or you aim to rock your daily life with a cool and very comfortable haircut, say this password to your hairstylist: wavy pixie. And that’s all you need for changes. Just decide what length is to your taste and leave everything up to your stylist. We said that wavy variant is good for a daily look, remember? That’s true, though. It’s so easy to style, the only thing you need is your hair iron: a couple of minutes and your fresh wavy look is ready, so you can get ready to catch people’s eyes on you. And if you don’t get on well with your thick hair, here is a little secret: styling a pixie cut with thick hair is the ease you are looking for.

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