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Pixie-Bob Haircut With Headscarf

Source: jenschmierer via Instagram, annarussett via Instagram, chloenbrown via Instagram

Messy Pixie Bob Haircut With Headscarf #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #headscarf

Side Swept Pixie Bob Haircut With Headscarf #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #headscarf
Side Parted Pixie Bob Haircut With Headscarf #pixiebob #haircuts #hairstyles #headscarf

Not every lady knows how beneficial the pixie bob haircuts secured with fancy head accessories can be. First of all, besides the unique and uncommon appearance, these cuties have something more for you. They can help your hairstyle stay in place all day long! And the best thing is that it works for every hair type. Whether you are about to wave your thin hair or to calm down your thick locks, once you finish it with your favorite scarf, the style will keep the perfect form and volume as long as you wear the accessory. Isn’t that a win-win?

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