Braided hair has always looked impressive and peculiar. However, with the introduction of rubber band hairstyles to the scene, things changed dramatically. You can replicate countless looks with ease, and we will point you in the right direction! Whether it’s the braided ponytail that you want to enhance or those sleek box braids of yours, cute rubber band hairstyles come to the rescue.


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Why Rubber Band Hairstyles Become a New Trend?

When you think about it, Lemonade Braids look gorge on their own. However, the main aim of rubber bands is to add extra definition to the ‘do that you sport. Aside from that, colored bands ensure that the extra vibrance of yours doesn’t go unnoticed.

For a while, rubber band styles were reserved for cute little girls. Nevertheless, these days the notion helps those who want to stand out to achieve the goal with little time and effort involved.


Outstand Options to Style Hair with Rubber Bands

Outstand Options to Style Hair with Rubber Bands #rubberbandhairstyles #naturalhairstyles #kidshairstyles
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Ladies often think that rubber bands come in useful when working on cornrow braids or bubble braids only. Surely, these styles require additional security. However, there are many more uses to those simple accessories than you could have thought, and these intricate hairstyles prove the point better than anything!

Rubber Band Hairstyles with Box Braids

Box braids are already quite bold and impactful thanks to the pronounced pattern they create on the scalp. Yet, you can take your hairstyle to another level by accentuating it with rubber bands. They can be randomly scattered across your hairstyle or tied so that they also create an intricate pattern. It is totally up to you.


Rubber Band Hairstyles for Bubble Ponytails

You can hardly imagine bubble ponytails without rubber bands. They allow you to get the desired shape of your ponies while also being a fun way to enhance them. So, do not limit yourself to clear rubber bands or those that match your hair color. Go for something bright and noticeable that would look striking against your locks.

Rubber Band Hairstyle for Medium Natural Hair

Rubber Band Style For Short Curly Hair #rubberbandhairstyles #naturalhairstyles #kidshairstyles
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For a rubber band hairstyle, there are no specific hair length requirements. If you have medium long locks, you can feel free to decorate them with colorful rubber bands. For instance, get cornrows or something similar and incorporate elastic bands into your hairstyle while you are braiding your hair.


Rubber Band Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

A straight ponytail may sometimes feel like it lacks embellishments and that is when rubber bands come into play. There are plenty of ways you can introduce them to your hairstyle. If you do not want to reinvent the wheel, you can always get away with a simple yet cute pattern, like this diamond-shaped rubber band hairstyle. By the way, that option you can use to improve your sporty hairstyles to feel as gorgeous as you are!

Chunky Rubber Bands with Braids

Chunky Rubber Bands with Braids #rubberbandhairstyles #naturalhairstyles #kidshairstyles
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You can make rubber bands the focal point of your hairstyle if you like. Opt for chunky bands that hold your braids together making them form an elaborate pattern and you are guaranteed to be the center of attention. Plus, you can play around not only with their color but also with the design, shape and even material.

Criss Cross Rubber Band with Rhinestones

When you have rubber bands, creating this criss cross hairstyle becomes a piece of pie for you. You just need to divide your hair into several thin strands of equal size and tie them so that they make up this pattern. A little sparkle will not hurt. So, feel free to add rhinestones to your bands.


Rubber Band Hairstyles for Girls

Rubber band hair styles are made for little girls, especially when you are skillful enough at braiding. There are so many cute and pretty braided hairstyle ideas featuring elastic bands that your little fashionista is sure to end up with the most unique and enviable hair look in the whole school.

FAQ: Rubber Band Hairstyles

Are rubber bands bad for hair?

When it comes to rubber band hairstyles for adults, the primary question pops in your head is whether the accessory is harmful to the locks. The truth is that if you use the wrong-purpose bands, you may end up stressing your tresses. Thus, it’s advised to purchase bands designed for styling in particular.

Do rubber bands help hair grow?

There is a widespread opinion circling that rubber bands can help you grow the mane out. However, the assumption is deceptive and far away from being true. In fact, you shouldn’t abuse any rubber band twist hairstyles. This means that wearing such a style longer than 2 days in a row may damage the locks instead of helping them grow.

Are rubber bands good for 4c hair?

You can use rubber bands on any hair type. However, with 4c, it may be a little trickier to deal with the accessory. So, most experts recommend that you put on some oil onto the bands. Such an approach will ensure that you can take them off without stressing or damaging the strands in the process.

How do you do criss cross hair?

Many of you admire those fancy criss cross rubber band hairstyles. No matter the complicated outlook, the style is fairly easy to end up with. There are a few steps to take:

  1. Put on some medium-hold hair spray onto the locks and brush them carefuly.
  2. Now, take some hair at the top and pin it securely at the center.
  3. Take a section on one side of your head and pull it to the other side, securing it with pins.
  4. Repeat the process with the other side.
  5. Add some more pins if necessary.

How do I get the elastics out of my hair?

If you don’t want to pull out lots of your hair when taking the bands off, it’s best to use small scissors to cut them. There are special band removers offered on the market too. No matter which option you pick, you need to ensure that you don’t rush the process and ruin your tresses.

Rubber band hair styles are gaining popularity at the speed of light. If you want to keep up with the trends and look your absolute best during the season, these intricate yet straightforward styles and practical tips will help you achieve the goal in no time!

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