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French, Fishtail and Dutch Braids for Long Hair

32. Cute Mermaid Hair

Source: estherryi via Instagram

Cute Mermaid Hair

No matter how much you deny it, you’ve dreamt about mermaid hair at one point in your life. This ombre fade from baby blue to lilac to cotton candy pink is very soft and romantic. You’ll definitely feel like a sultry mermaid princess with this soft and sexy wavy style. The fishtail braid adds a romantic touch to this dreamy style!

33. So Pretty Double Dutch Braids

Source: yesfira via Instagram

So Pretty Double Dutch Braids

Braided hairstyles are all the rage this season. This style with double Dutch braids is tres chic and stylish. The pretty dark blonde tones and wavy ends make this look even more glamorous.

34. Fun Fishtail Look

Source: rachelbriannehair via Instagram

Fun Fishtail Look

If you aren’t afraid to mix a dark and light tone, this black and fuchsia half-and-half style is so much fun! The fishtail braid is youthful, and the half and half look is very in right now!

35. French Braid

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram

French Braid

What goes better with a sleek French braid than loose hair and an ancient-looking decorative element? Do not ask us! We think this is it!

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