When we imagine side ponytail hairstyles, we all have pretty much the same association – a high ponytail with lots of teasing, combing and hair spray. It instantly brings us to the good old eighties. This time was iconic, no doubts, and we are fond of it. The time has come to change this stereotype of a typical side pony. Our ideas of ponytails will give you the feeling of a fairy tale.


Fresh Ideas Of Ponytail Styles

Sandy Wavy Ponytail
by @michaelgrayhair
Fresh Ideas of Ponytail Styles picture 1
by @erinelizabethh

These ideas of ponytail styles are fresh, updated and ready to make you feel like a modern princess. It may sound strange, but we are going back to the childhood hairstyles. A classy topsy tail on the side is an oldie, but goodie.


Side Ponytails For Princess

Side Ponytails For Princess
by @michaelgrayhair

Ponytail hairstyles on the side became sleeker. A high ponytail wrapped around with a hair strand is great for a date or a night out. Don’t forget to add hair gel before brushing. It will keep your hair in place and it will last all night.

Romantic Hairstyles With A Ponytail

Romantic Hairstyles With A Ponytail
by @samirasjewelry

Still thinking that ponytails are extremely casual? You are so wrong! In order to make the things more complicated, make three topsy tails one by one and tie them up with an elastic. For a romantic look you may curl the bottom part.


Cascading Braided Pony

Cascading Braided Pony picture 2
by @tonyastylist

A cascading braided pony will give you medieval vibes and bring back the age of chivalry. Pairing a braided ponytail with messy and big curls will result in a gorgeous ‘do. Secure it behind the ear and let it cascade down your neck.

Magnificent Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Magnificent Side Ponytail Hairstyles picture 1
by @everydaypursuits
Magnificent Side Ponytail Hairstyles picture 3
by @jenniekaybeauty

In order to upgrade a typical ponytail on the side, add a couple of criss crosses to the game. It may seem complicated at first sight, but it is doable by overlapping sections from one side to another and fastening them with a pin.


Fabulous Braided Ponytail

Fabulous Braided Ponytail picture 1
by @hairbykatelynd
Fabulous Braided Ponytail picture 2
by @hair_by_zolotaya

Show off your creative nature by choosing to wear an amazing braided ponytail. Remember that the key is to make it voluminous.

High Ponytail Hairstyles

High Ponytail Hairstyles picture 1
by @okevaaa
High Ponytail Hairstyles picture 2
by @hairbyjaxx

High ponytails are truly classic. Once you create this hairstyle, you will feel as carefree as never before.

Soft Romantic Ponytails

Soft Romantic Ponytails picture1
by @hair_by_zolotaya

In case you have a special event to attend, you can opt for a more intricate ‘do with a ponytail as a key element. You will amaze everyone!


Braids Into Ponytails

Triple Braids Into Ponytails #ponytails #pony
by @ojoaquim

There’s no better way to add some creativity to your look than to play around with textures. While braids and ponytails are pretty easy and familiar hairstyles, you can give a fresh take at both by simply mixing them together.

Low Side Messy Ponytails

Low Side Messy Ponytails Blonde #ponytails #pony
by @brides_by_vanessa_jane

Don’t forget to make your side ponytail express your vivid individuality! Slight twists on the crown, a bit of braided texture, and a hint of tousling are enough to make your pony look different.

FAQ: Side Ponytail

Is a side ponytail 90s?

The side ponytail may have originated in the 1980s. However, the badass side ponytail lasted well into the 1990s, for which we are eternally grateful.

Is a side ponytail in style?

A side ponytail can be your new favorite hairstyle, whether your hair is straight or severely texturized. A low ponytail looks great pushed back with a center or side part, and a high side ponytail looks great pulled back.

Is a side pony professional?

A ponytail is professional, yet a low ponytail looks more professional than a high ponytail.
Buns, gibson tucks, clips and other hairstyles are also perfect options.