Sweet Cotton Candy Hair Ideas

Cotton candy hair really pleases the eyes. Although it's far from being usual, this quality attracts many women. We all want to try something vivid sooner or later in our lives. And this style is just perfect for those who love experimenting. It allows you to feel as if you were a princess from a romantic fairy-tale. Getting your hair dyed cotton candy is a way to let that little girl’s dreams come true. Below, you're going to see how variously you can breathe sweetness into your hair look!


Fantastic Cotton Hair

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Candy hair will look just right if you have dark blonde hair originally. Basically, these fabulous bright hues are based on the bleached hair. Otherwise, your stylist won’t guarantee you this marvelous effect. Therefore, you should prepare for bleaching. Light blondes, conversely, can even do without bleach sometimes!


Cotton Candy Long Hair

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There is a big number of hair color ideas for candy hair and most of them involve some kind of a pink or blue shade and consist of more than two colors. In some cases, candy hair looks like a rainbow, which is so miraculous. As a matter of fact, there are no rules when it comes to such hair color. All in all, it's your hair, and you're the one to decide what shades to go for. On top of that, there are no mismatching colors in cotton candy ideas. Why? Well, since they mostly involve, they can build balance with any hues.

Cotton Candy Hair

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Pastel violet and mint colors are at the peak of popularity today. You can experiment with them by dyeing your hair in one of these colors or by mixing them with each other, for example. In fact, the sky's the limit!


Wonderful Candy Hair Ideas

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If you want something new, purple blonde hues will help you stand out. In case you're not into purples, you can go with soft blues or even dramatic vivid rainbows! By the way, you can even go for dark roots. In this way, you will make your color more dimensional and hip. Contrasts never get old, after all.

Amazing Cotton Candy Hair

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Owners of long hair can experiment with ombre transition from color to color or from a darker shade to a light one and vice versa. Indeed, long hair is nothing but a huge canvas to color experiments. Once you set your creativity into motion, you can turn your mane into a masterpiece. Apart from pink and purple shades, you can also play with light blue and soft lilac hues. Some ashy and grayish shades will also be a good idea, though!


Beautiful Cotton Candy

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From mint and blue to pink and purple. Even though every girl can recreate such an idea, this hair color looks like a fairytale. However, the color should be soft rather than too bright. For that reason, we recommend you to choose pastels over bright shades. Still, just a hint of a brighter hue won't hurt!

Colorful Cotton Hair

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These hair colors look adorable on shorter, as well as on longer locks. As a matter of fact, the only thing you need is the courage to pull them off. Well, since you are here, we bet you're brave enough for such color experiments! When working with pastels, you can make even the weirdest shades go harmonic. Just look at these pics: despite being so different, mint, pinks, and yellows form exceptional duos.

Sweet Cotton Candy Hair

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Pink and violet shades appear miraculous on their own, but you can always combine them for a more extravagant effect.


Dark To Light Candy Hair

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When you are about to make your playful color dimensional, the pink vibe never comes alone! If fact, your hair can turn into any cotton candy you want. And you can add as many tastes, toppings, and spices as your soul desire. In case you’d like to stick to one color, make sure to go big by getting a soft ombre.

Highlighted Cotton

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Instead of spending hours trying to decide what shades to pick, why not mix them all? Your cotton candy mane may taste like mint, blueberry, cinnamon, whipped cream, and whatever you want at the same time! Besides playing around with shades, you can also experiment with the color placement. Although you can go with anything from balayage to ombre, highlights are the best way to mix a lot of colors.

Now that you've seen the hottest cotton candy color picks, it's the best time to make a color appointment! Of course, you can bring one of the pics you've seen today with you to get the best results. On the other hand, you will never go wrong leaving it all up to your imagination. Whenever you feel like changing the palette of your life, don't forget about this post: we will be there for you, adding more and more creative ideas for those with bright souls!

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