A variety of winter hair colors allows us to upgrade the way we look any time we wish. Usually, we want to alter the hair color when the season changes. But it would be better to pick the new hair cut at first and then think which hair color will be the most suitable for this hair cut. There is a great choice of tones, be it browns, reds, or blondes. The star of this winter is the contrast, so consider combining light and dark tones.


Smokey Blonde Hair

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Look at these fascinating hair color ideas. Are you fond of a smokey blonde shade? When it concerns blonde, darker shades become more popular when the weather is cold. Add some smokey hues to your light blonde shade to look incredible.


Caramel Brown Hair

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Do you have a brown hair color at the moment? Then opt for a fancy caramel brown shade. You will definitely grab his attention! And this shade will work for your skin tone for sure. Every woman will find this shade flattering!

Light Caramel Winter Gloss

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Caramel is one of the most popular hair colors for winter for good reason. It makes your complexion warmer and gives you a cozy feel during colder weather when your longing for sunny days is so strong. Yet, do not make the strands too dark. A light caramel shade with a glossy finish is exactly what you are looking for.


Dark Red

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Dark red reminds us of cherry cola. It is a fabulous combination of rich brown and rosy red shades that results in such a deep color that works like a magnet. Pick such color if your skin has a cool tone, and your eyes are brown.

Reddish Winter Rowanberry

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Nature is a great source of inspiration for many things in our life, especially when it comes to appearance, and hair color is no exception. Have you ever noticed how striking rowanberry looks against snow in the winter? So, why don’t you replicate it for your hair color? You may rest assured that your fiery red mane will never go unnoticed.



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Going silver is super glam, and many colorists would agree with this statement. But don’t forget to protect your hair from much damage, as this shade might require two times of bleaching before dyeing silver. So, get a deep-conditioning treatment.

Dark Caramel Hair

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Dark Caramel hair color has a medium depth, which makes it really flattering for practically all skin tones. And if your skin has warmer undertones, then dark caramel is the best choice for you. Try it out!

Tiger Eye Hair

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Tiger eye hair color is expected to become one of the hottest trends in the upcoming season. In essence, tiger eye hair is an updated version for balayage. Warmer shades appearing from darker hair look super cool and natural. Thus, they will ideally complement your most winter hairstyles.


Dark Amber

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A perfectly chosen hair shade will always compliment you. If you are a fan of red but have no clue what is going to be trendy when 2023 comes – opting for dark amber hues would be the perfect decision.

Golden Wheat

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Wheat blonde hair is extremely soft and adorable. The transition of hues is so warm and rich, that it is difficult to resist. To create a greater impression, we would suggest you adding some blonde balayage and just a little bit of outgrown roots.

Beige Brunette

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If you are ready to meet the upcoming year with something new and you have no fear of experimenting, we may have something for you! Brunette hair with soft, beige balayage, isn’t it amazing and unique looking?


Ash Blonde

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Ash blonde hues are always considered to be the cold ones. But we are going to prove you that ash blonde can be extremely soft and sexy, if you know how to pull it off. The trick lies in light dusty rose undertones! Can you see them?

Chestnut Brown

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Apart from being one of the richest brunette shades, chestnut brown can be a stunning base for highlighted experiments. This hair color is cool and warm at the same time, which makes it a perfect option for women with fair to medium complexions. If you want to follow the trend of being natural, you can get the classic chestnut shade. As for those who’d like to play around with brunette combinations, light brown highlights will do the trick.

Sandy Beige

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Do you believe that natural looking hair is the best idea for every woman? Then we have an idea for you when your heart starts desiring some changes. Why don`t you add a sandy beige highlight to your hair? Stylish and natural looking it will enhance the beauty of your appearance without bringing too much of changes to your look. Ask your hairstyle to make a soft transition of color, and you will love the result!


Dark Golden Brown Hair

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Women who have once tried such a rich, deep color won`t let us lie about how gorgeous it is! Natural looking with a golden undertone it will enhance the beauty of your natural features without bringing crazy changes to your appearance. Are you up for changes? Then this is one of your best ideas.

Pastel Pink

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As you have already noticed, pastel colors are getting more and more popular in the hair trends this year. No wonder why, as the shades look so much more stylish and bright than we are all used to. What do you think of this pastel pink? Soft but bold at the same time it will make you the most stylish person in your surroundings. Love this idea!


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Lavender is the most refreshing color you can find for your hair. Look how gorgeous it looks on medium or short length. The shades of lavender that blend into each other will make you look like a super star. Would you like it?


Cloud Blue

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Cold shades have had their impact on the beauty community too. More and more girls all over the world start thinking of choosing them for their hair and there`s nothing strange about it. Just have a look at this cloud blue hair. The perfect shade will make your hair appear so healthy and shiny that everyone will look with awe at you.

Snowy Queen Blue Locks

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Everyone wants to have a bright moment in the winter since it is so full of muted and subdued colors. But to follow the general color scheme of the season, opt for cooler shades, such as bright blue. Of course, there is no need to go for an all out color. You may just accentuate your current style with a couple of colorful locks. The title of the Snow Queen is guaranteed to you.

Sapphires And Amethysts

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Difficult combinations of colors and shades are there to upgrade your hair game. Wow! That is all we have to say. Choose different hair shades and let your hairdresser play with them on your hair. Trust us, after such a transformation you will be amazed with your hair and how creative but stylish at the same time it looks.


Toasted Coconut

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How about a shade that is as lightweight and subtle as toasted coconut? To achieve hair color that resembles powdery coconut flakes, you will need to ask your colorist for a whitish blonde base that seamlessly blends with beige and dirty blonde tones. The good news is, whether you choose to for a balanced, well-blended look or you prefer to make the darker color stand out, this combination will definitely make heads turn.

Rooted Blonde

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It seems like we’ve just found an idea that can outshine the ageless dark roots trend! Today, a smudged and kind of blurred blend on the roots is all the rage for its smooth and dimensional appearance. While you can apply any colors you want in this technique, nothing can beat the power of rooted blonde for your winter looks. And you know what? Anything from classic to icy blonde will look ravishing with such roots.

Grey Hair Color For Winter

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Although gray hair color is not the latest beauty trend, it is still quite popular and even more so when it is snowing outside. As it is mostly neutral or cool toned, it does not seem off in the winter. What is more, you can use it not only for aesthetic purposes but also to disguise your natural gray strands. Because it blends them seamlessly, there is no need for frequent upkeep.


Pink-Purple Hair Ombre

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You should not be afraid of bright hair colors for winter, like pink and purple. After all, when everything outside is black and white, it is a good idea to add a pop of color to it. If you cannot decide between the two, ombre is your way out. This hair coloring technique is still on trend, so your hair color style will not look outdated, do not worry.

Thick Purple Chestnut Luster

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You can never go wrong with natural deep winter hair colors. They give your appearance so much needed warmth. This is especially true for those who have thick locks, as this color allows you to show them off like no other thanks to the incredible shiny finish it has. To accentuate it, you may opt for a shade with purplish hints, which turns out drop dead gorgeous on everyone.

Violet Winter Twilight Fantasy

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Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you would like to recreate a winter twilight color on your hair? You are not alone. This magical violet is out of this world. Of course, it requires certain practice and skill in hair coloring to get the exact shade. So, it is better to entrust the task to your hair colorist.


Platinum Blonde Hair

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Platinum blonde is a classic color of hair for winter. While it is actually pretty universal and matches any season, there is something special when a platinum blonde is flaunted in winter. But since it suggests the application of quite harsh chemicals to your hair in order to achieve the desired effect, make sure to take care of your locks properly. It is extremely essential, as cold and windy weather in winter also takes its toll on them.

Dark Brown Hair Color for Winter

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Many women find darker hair colors more suitable for winter and we quite agree with them. If you are not looking for anything extraordinary, just a beautiful hair color that would flatter your complexion, a dark brown is your way to go. It turns out very natural so everyone around will be green with envy thinking that you were blessed with such a color.

Winter Hair Color - Warm Chocolate Brown

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This type of chocolate is absolutely safe for your body shape, as it is zero calorie. A warm chocolate brown hair color is a perfect solution for the days when it is freezing outside. It adds a cozy and snug vibe to your appearance. And the shine it gives off is so mesmerizing that it cannot leave anyone indifferent.


Mahogany Hair Color

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Mahogany red was once a hair color that everyone went crazy about. Although it is not as popular these days as it used to be, it still has its devotees. The color is very attractive and bold. That is why it is a great solution for everyone who chooses to be the center of attention.

Ash Dark Brown Hair Colors for Winter

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Ash blonde had to move over when ash dark brown came into play. And it seems that this luxurious winter hair color is here to stay. Women with cooler or neutral undertones will find it especially complimentary. Yet, there is a high chance that even if you have a warmer complexion, you will still be able to pull it off.

Copper Hair Color for Winter

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A copper hair color is so underrated in winter. This fiery shade appears very prominent in the snowy ambiance and instantly takes you to the spotlight. Want to have all eyes on you? Ask your hair colorist for a copper red with cinnamon highlights and get ready to collect admiring gazes left, right and the middle.


Natural Light Cooper

Credit photo: instagram.com/victoria.pro.hair

If you were born with a light copper hair color, lucky you are. You do not have to do anything with it to look breathtaking in winter. Yet, those who want to make everyone's heads turn should take this hair color into consideration. Once you try it, you will not be able to get over it anytime soon. Well, there is no need to.

Blonde Hair Highlights

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Red hair color has always been the most seductive and enviable shade. If you have a nobly fair or light skin tone, this shade will work wonders against your complexion, bringing out your eyes and giving an eye-catching look. To make your red hair transformation as rich as possible, make sure to ask for a balanced mix of a deep red and dark brown hair color. Also, you can add some coppery tones is you’re into lighter hues.

FAQ: Winter Hair Colors

How can I keep my hair healthy in winter?

  • Put your shampoo down
  • Reduce the heat
  • Moisturize your hair
  • Add conditioner
  • Don’t use heat styling
  • Wear hats
  • Use humidifier
  • Maintain your hairstyle
  • Eat healthy food
  • Take vitamins A, C and E
  • Don’t go out if your hair is wet
  • Condition your hair deeply at least once a week
  • Feed your hair with oils at night

Does hair get thinner in winter?

Because the cold temperature takes moisture from your hair, it dries it out, resulting in dandruff. During the winter season, the hair often loses its sheen and looks thinner. Winter temperatures also can leave your long or short hair ends dry and brittle.

Is cold weather good for natural hair?

As mentioned above, cold temperatures can swiftly dehydrate curls that were once luscious and moisturized. Experts recommend to start using the LOC method to protect your hair from becoming frizzy and dull when you go outside. Otherwise it’s better to put on your hat.