Trendy Hair Colors for Winter 2018

The Hair Colors You Have Dreamed Of

A variety of hair colors allows us to upgrade the way we look any time we wish. Usually, we want to alter the hair color when the season changes. But it would be better to pick the new hair cut at first and then think which hair color will be the most suitable for this hair cut. There is a great choice of tones, be it browns, reds, or blondes. The star of this winter is the contrast, so consider combining light and dark tones.


Hair Color - Smokey Blonde Hair

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Look at these fascinating hair color ideas. Are you fond of a smokey blonde shade? When it concerns blonde, darker shades become more popular when the weather is cold. Add some smokey hues to your light blonde shade to look incredible.


Hair Color - Caramel Brown Hair

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Do you have a brown hair color at the moment? Then opt for a fancy caramel brown shade. You will definitely grab his attention! And this shade will work for your skin tone for sure. Every woman will find this shade flattering!


Hair Color - Dark Red

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Dark red reminds us of cherry cola. It is a fabulous combination of rich brown and rosy red shades that results in such a deep color that works like a magnet. Pick such color if your skin has a cool tone, and your eyes are brown.


Hair Color - Silver

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Going silver is super glam, and many colorists would agree with this statement. But don’t forget to protect your hair from much damage, as this shade might require two times of bleaching before dyeing silver. So, get a deep-conditioning treatment.


Hair Color - Dark Caramel Hair

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Dark Caramel hair color has a medium depth, which makes it really flattering for practically all skin tones. And if your skin has warmer undertones, then dark caramel is the best choice for you. Try it out!

Hair Color - Tiger Eye Hair

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Tiger eye hair color is expected to become one of the hottest trends in the upcoming season. In essence, tiger eye hair is an updated version for balayage. Warmer shades appearing from darker hair look super cool and natural.

Hair Color – Dark Amber

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A perfectly chosen hair shade will always compliment you. If you are a fan of red but have no clue what is going to be trendy when 2018 comes – opting for dark amber hues would be the perfect decision.


Hair Color – Golden Wheat

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Wheat blonde hair is extremely soft and adorable. The transition of hues is so warm and rich, that it is difficult to resist. To create a greater impression, we would suggest you adding some blonde balayage and just a little bit of outgrown roots.

Hair Color - Beige Brunette

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If you are ready to meet the upcoming year with something new and you have no fear of experimenting, we may have something for you! Brunette hair with soft, beige balayage, isn’t it amazing and unique looking?

Hair Color – Ash Blonde

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Ash blonde hues are always considered to be the cold ones. But we are going to prove you that ash blonde can be extremely soft and sexy, if you know how to pull it off. The trick lies in light dusty rose undertones! Can you see them?


Hair Color - Chestnut Brown

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Hair Color - Sandy Beige

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Do you believe that natural looking hair is the best idea for every woman? Then we have an idea for you when your heart starts desiring some changes. Why don`t you add a sandy beige highlight to your hair? Stylish and natural looking it will enhance the beauty of your appearance without bringing too much of changes to your look. Ask your hairstyle to make a soft transition of color, and you will love the result!

Hair Color - Dark Golden Brown Hair

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Women who have once tried such a rich, deep color won`t let us lie about how gorgeous it is! Natural looking with a golden undertone it will enhance the beauty of your natural features without bringing crazy changes to your appearance. Are you up for changes? Then this is one of your best ideas.


Hair Color - Pastel Pink

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As you have already noticed, pastel colors are getting more and more popular in the hair trends this year. No wonder why, as the shades look so much more stylish and bright than we are all used to. What do you think of this pastel pink? Soft but bold at the same time it will make you the most stylish person in your surroundings. Love this idea!

Hair Color - Lavender

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Lavender is the most refreshing color you can find for your hair. Look how gorgeous it looks on medium or short length. The shades of lavender that blend into each other will make you look like a super star. Would you like it?

Hair Color - Cloud Blue

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Cold shades have had their impact on the beauty community too. More and more girls all over the world start thinking of choosing them for their hair and there`s nothing strange about it. Just have a look at this cloud blue hair. The perfect shade will make your hair appear so healthy and shiny that everyone will look with awe at you.


Sapphires And Amethysts

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Difficult combinations of colors and shades are there to upgrade your hair game. Wow! That is all we have to say. Choose different hair shades and let your hairdresser play with them on your hair. Trust us, after such a transformation you will be amazed with your hair and how creative but stylish at the same time it looks.