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Chic Undercut Designs Are Meant For Those Who Aim To Look Different!

The newly emerged undercut designs seem to have displaced tattoos as a way to express oneself. A couple of years ago, the only idea that would come to your mind when you thought of hair designs was nothing but a shaved stripe on the sides. Gone are the days when your hair wasn’t a canvas for your creativity: the on-trend undercut is going to prove that.


Nowadays, there are no restrictions for wearing the popular short-on-sides-long-on-top cut, and bold ladies who like tomboy style have made it a thing. Are you ready to make the common cut stand out in the crowd? The modern shaved designs are there for you.

We’ve selected the most spectacular, iconic, and unusual designs that can change your undercut look once and for all. See how to make a statement with a shaved masterpiece and new colors!

Simple, Yet Glam Line

Simple Yet Glam Line #undercutdesigns #haicuts #pixiecut

Source: sasaverdinek via Instagram

Technically, this idea is one of the simplest undercut hair designs: it involves just one diagonal line. Yet, the colors and length graduation make it be worth everyone’s attention! The low tapered layer roughly becomes thicker and pinker, turning into an outline for the eye-catching pinky milkshake top!


Chic Side Stripes

Chic Side Stripes #undercutdesigns #haicuts #pixiecut

Source: tuanh2osalon via Instagram

Though side undercut designs can be as different and complex as one desires, nothing works better than chic minimalist approaches. This soft, stripped geometry that stretches from the sides to the nape area looks ravishing on the straight, tousled chevelure.

Side Undercut With Triangles

 Side Undercut With Triangles #undercutdesigns #haicuts #pixiecut

Source: fernthebarber via Instagram

Some shaved undercut designs are the real embodiment of modern art appreciation. Just imagine how contemporary and swanky your cleanly shaved undercut will appear once you spice it up with the mystery of triangles. The more angles, the better!


Edgy Triangular Nape Design

Edgy Triangular Nape Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #pixiecut

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

Want to add a bit of an edge? Look no further than triangular nape undercut designs, then! On the front side, you will look like a creative, daring lady who’s not afraid of color experiments. And when someone sees your back, your inner creative genius will be revealed through the ethnic or geometric shaved embellishments.

Tribal-Inspired Nape Design

Tribal Inspired Nape Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #spacebuns

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

It may be hard for you to believe that a long undercut with shiny green hue over the black base and a zigzag parting can be even more attractive. So here come tribal undercut designs; the designs that can add more individuality to your cut, literally taking it to the next level.


Lunar Fade Design

Lunar Fade Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #braidedbun

Source: bescene via Instagram

When we look at such ideas, we realize that undercut designs for females are the new form of art. Some ladies rely on the lunar cycle, so why don’t you create your own? These shaved moon phases go unbelievably well with these aquamarine colors. If you’re bold enough, you ought to steal this idea.

Snowflake Winter Design

Snowflake Winter Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #mohawk

Source: bottleblonde76 via Instagram

Sometimes the right hair color and undercut shaved designs are enough to prepare for cool winter days. Ladies who are about to challenge the cold season can become another unique snowflake and meet the wintertime face to face. Isn’t this cool-toned undercut mohawk with the cleanly shaved flake the best way to do so?

Heart Undercut Design

Heart Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #lobhaircut

Source: bescene via Instagram

Listen to your heart: do undercut heart designs appeal to your taste? Well, if you feel that your badass style lacks some girliness, there’s no better way to bring it back than to ask your stylist to shave a cute heart on one side.

Flower Undercut Design

Flower Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #highbun

Source: jubei_ma via Instagram

Flower undercut designs hide some kind of metaphorical sense. Just like you change water for your favorite flowers, you will need to update the cut a couple of times a week to maintain the shaved design. And, let’s be honest, it’s so fun to make this girly detail stay with you longer.

Spiderweb Undercut Design

Spiderweb Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: lena_piccininni via Instagram

You don’t need to get bitten by the radioactive spider to look like the real Spider Woman. Setting your creativity into motion will be enough, though! Meet one of the punky, well-groomed undercut designs male will get envious once they see its perfect web-like shape.


Scorpio Mandala Undercut

Scorpio Mandala Undercut #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: bescene via Instagram

Girls who want their unique undercut designs to convey a remarkable message will love this idea. This design features the Buddhist geometric symbol of the universe and the eighth sign of the zodiac that form a beautiful harmony together. Plus, it looks amazingly fashionable!

Simple But Significant Mandala Undercut

Simple But Significant Mandala Undercut #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: bescene via Instagram

There are lots of mandala symbols that stand as a base for many simple undercut designs. Not only they can express something meaningful but also look very feminine and sophisticated, just like in the pic above, where the significance hides below the simplicity.

Unicorn Undercut Design

Unicorn Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Those who say that unicorns don’t exist have never seen this idea! Everything is easy: once you create one on your nape, you will give it life, making it as real as never before. And since we all know that one can’t meet a unicorn by chance, you can go for hidden undercut designs for women and cover yours with rainbow-kissed hair.

Butterfly With Glitter Design

Butterfly With Glitter Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longpixie

Source: presleypoe via Instagram

Can’t help yourself when you see something shiny and glittery? That’s life, girl. And you know what? You don’t need to hide your need for gloss. On the contrary, you can let one of the female undercut designs show it off: let your imagination fly like a butterfly, create length graduations, play around with colors, and finish the style with awesome hair accessories.

Fiery Honeycomb Undercut

Fiery Honeycomb Undercut #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Well, now it’s time for something that goes out of restrained, minimalistic, and refined styles. Everything about this design is meant to make heads turn: from the color to the shaved details. Will you dare to be the standout in such a fascinating, uncommon way?


Head-Turning Star Undercut Design

Head Turning Star Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: haritobarber via Instagram

With the help of high fade, your undercut design can look as dimensional as a real head tattoo. To get a look like this, you will need to find a handy stylist who doesn’t panic about meticulous work. And even though this awesomeness needs regular trimming, the effect is definitely worth trying.

Multicolored Cat Hair Tattoo

Multicolored Cat Hair Tattoo #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: laserb.kate via Instagram

No words in the world can describe how much we love our little pets. Well, hair designs can! How do you like this multi-colored, unbearably cute shaved cat that’s warming under the charm of rainbow locks?

Red Roses Nape Design

Red Roses Nape Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Looking for a design that will reveal your fiery soul? These wild roses that blossom on the green nape and hide their enchantment under the lava of long waves are something that can leave people speechless. Roses are red, and girls know how to nail this color.

Geometric Flower Design

Geometric Flower Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Love mixing trends? The combo of colorful geometric pieces that transform into flowers is a must for you. The play of shades looks superb, yet keep in mind that such a stunning idea will look wonderful even with your natural shade: it can pop regardless of your hair color!

Fall Design

Fall Design #undercutdesigns #haircuts #shorthaircut

Source: lena_piccininni via Instagram

Extraordinary designs are what everyone should look for this fall! We love how the most creative ideas can be used on the undercut haircuts. Just look at this one. A few leaves shaved on the faded part of the hairstyle. Doesn`t that look exciting and unbelievably beautiful?


Colorful Undercut Design With Glitter

Colorful Undercut Design With Glitter #undercutdesigns #haircuts #shorthaircut

Source: bottleblonde76 via Instagram

If you are a fan of colors and you are not afraid to experiment with them on your hair, this is your piece of cake. Pick a few shades and let the hairdresser play with them a bit. However, don`t forget about the faded part of your haircut and add colors there too. Beautiful and interesting lines sprinkled with glitter on top. Wow!

Bee Undercut Design

Bee Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haircuts #bobhaircut

Source: jubei_ma via Instagram

Would you like an idea that would be fresh and beautiful throughout the year? This bee undercut design is for sure the one. It is like a tattoo but on your head that will make you stand out of the crowd, turning people`s attention. We love such an idea as it looks so gorgeous and at the same time it has such a special vibe.

Bird Undercut Design

Bird Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haircuts #longhair

Source: jubei_ma via Instagram

If you are up for more romantic and simple designs, think of getting a bird undercut shave. Look how amazing the lines make the whole picture look. It will be suitable for any occasion you have, amazing people around you.

Sun Undercut Design

Sun Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haircuts #longhair

Source: bescene via Instagram

Sun has always been a special symbol in every culture. Does it have a lot of meaning to you? Then why don`t you choose it as an idea for an undercut design? Ask your hairdresser for such creativity and he will turn your undercut shave into the most beautiful hairstyle you have ever seen on yourself.

Diamonds Undercut Design

Diamonds Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haircuts #mediumhair

Source: jubei_ma via Instagram

People love choosing designs that will make them look different from everybody else. A diamond undercut design is truly one of the most extraordinary ones. Place a few diamond shave outs on your undercut and you will love the way it will enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.


Shaved Stripes

Shaved Stripes #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: fernthebarber via Instagram

Stripes can be different, and you are not obliged to follow common patterns. It can be several stripes forming a spider net or a single line that gives a minimalist touch to the whole look. Apart from creating a one of a kind style, you also balance out your haircut by tapering one of the sides.

Crown Undercut Design

Crown Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: catchafade__ via Instagram

Why don’t show who’s the queen there? Whatever mood is occupying your mind can be expressed in your undercut design. A stylish crown that hides under your hair is another good way to show how creative you are. Oh, God save the stylish Queen!

Acorn With A Leaf

Acorn With A Leaf  #undercutdesigns #haicuts #longhair

Source: jubei_ma via Instagram

Is there something that brings luck to you? Some people get tattoos of such things, and you can go in an extraordinary way and get a hair tattoo. This acorn with a leaf is a good example of looking different.

Mermaid Undercut Design

Mermaid Undercut Design  #undercutdesigns #haicuts #mohawk

Source: bottleblonde76 via Instagram

If you’re one of those ladies who can’t have too much of mermaid things, we’ve got some good news for you! Soft pastel colors can look even more authentic if you finish your mermaid play of shades with fish scale design. Chic and unique, huh?

Panda Undercut Design

Panda Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #lobhaircut

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Of course, some cuteness won’t hurt. Your hair can tell how daring and bold you can be sometimes, and once you put your colorful mane up, you will reveal who you really are. Love pandas? You know what to do, cutie.


Rabbit Undercut Design

Rabbit Undercut Design #undercutdesigns #haicuts #bobhaircut

Source: aliyousha via Instagram

Or maybe you’ve got a secret passion for rabbits? We’re just trying to tell that there’s no better way to experiment with undercut designs than to work with something that appeals to you deeply. Just let your hair tell how different you can be.

You’ve just traveled through the bright and colorful world of the best undercut designs ever. How does it feel? Don’t you think that it’s time to give the green light to your inner experimenter and get yourself a unique cut?

Main photo by Lena_piccininni