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Colorful Braided Bun

Colorful Braided Bun #easyupdo #braids #mediumhairstyles #brighthaircolor

This braided bun is so bright that all eyes will be on you wherever you go. Soft red hair with light blue highlights stands out even more when the highlights pop through the braid.

Source: xandervintage via Instagram

Vintage Victory Rolls Updo

Vintage Pinned-Up Updo #pinuphairstyles #mediumhairstyles #updosformediumhair

Victory rolls are the basis of the pinup style. Take sections from the front of the head and hold it back in a ponytail. Split it in half and you have the two parts you’ll be work with. Using a back-combing and hairspray along the entire length of the hair then starts to curl around, using your fingers to help guide the strands in right place. When you have done, fix hair with bobby pins.

Source: madmoisellehairstylist via Instagram

Double Braided Updo

Double Braided Updo #braids #updo #mediumhair

Featuring two elegant braids, the French braid, and the Dutch Braid, the style is great for a formal event such as wedding or prom. To start, section out the bangs and a few pieces of finer hair in the front, then apply a good texture product through your entire head. Next, take a horizontal section above the occipital bone from temple to temple.

Then start on one side and make a French braid that goes to the other side. But only use hair from that same side for the braid. Do the same in the opposite direction but make a Dutch braid instead. Then hide the ends of both braids by tucking and securing them with a hairpin. Curl any remaining tresses with a curling iron into sexy loose curls.

Source: Hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram

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