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Try French Braids For That Special Day

Try French Braids For That Special Day #updo #braids #mediumhair

To create one, part your hair to the side of your preference. Let the part be a beginning point and continue on with creating a French braid. Braid until two to three inches are left to reach the upper part of your ear.

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Accessorized Curly Hair

Accessorized Curly Hair #updo #mediumhair #hairstyles

Next, gather your hair into a high ponytail and make it a bit loose. Take its length and encircle the base with it. An elastic will help you to secure this pretty bun, and you’ll be ready to go.

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Easy Updos For Special Events

Easy Updos For Special Events #mediumhair #bun

If you want to wear a more voluminous hairstyle, try a volumized wavy twist updo with a fringe. Besides being really cute, this hairstyle seems so easy-going. It would be ideal for a romantic date.

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Side Trendy Updos

Side Trendy Updos #mediumhair #updo #bun

Loose messy braids look extremely gorgeous, no matter what type of hair is involved. But those ladies with straight medium hair will totally appreciate this hairstyle.

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