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Lovely Frech Twist

Lovely Frech Twist #updo #mediumhair #hairstyles

French twists are extremely versatile. But the key point is that they look perfect no matter sleek or messy. What is more, a slightly messy twist with the decoration looks super sleek!

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram

Beautiful Messy Updos

Beautiful Messy Updos #updo #mediumhair #hairstyles

When you mix messy side braids with a messy low bun, something extraordinary will come out. But add up an icy blonde hair color, and it will look ethereal and fabulous!

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Low Updos With Accessories

Low Updos With Accessories #updo #mediumhair #hairstyles

Embellish your low updo with some elegant accessories for an image that is romantic and sophisticated.

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Elegant Braided Updos For Medium Hair

Elegant Braided Updos For Medium Hair #updo #mediumhair #braids

There are easier hair updos that can be done in less than ten minutes, and more intricate styles that require more time, skills, and accessories. The former are great for every day.

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There you have it, trending updo hairstyles for your lovely shoulder-length tresses. Pick one to look gorgeous.

Main photo by Kristincavallari