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Victory Roll With Ponytail And Curls

Victory Roll With Ponytail And Curls #updo #ponytail #victoryroll

How about saying goodbye to victory rolls 1940s and say hello to victory rolls 2019? The classic vibe is present, but it looks so fresh with a curly and colorful pony.
Source: diablorose via Instagram

Bumper Roll Bangs

Bumper Roll Bangs #bangs #victoryroll

Remember those fake but chic bangs of pin up hairstyles? Your victory rolls can serve as a vintage-inspired base for charming bangs, making you forget about the fringe commitment.
Source: peachantilly via Instagram

Victory Roll With Bun

Victory Roll With Bun #updo #bun #victoryroll

This victory rolls updo is nothing but the embodiment of modern creativity. Different colors, various rolls, and a charming silhouette are three reasons to give the style a try!
Source: diablorose via Instagram

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