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Victory Rolls With Flowers Updo

Victory Rolls With Flowers Updo #updo #victoryroll

A perfectly symmetrical, cool-toned vintage hairstyle embellished with flowers. Mixing the trends of now and styles of then gives a truly unforgettable hairstyle, don’t you agree?
Source: diablorose via Instagram

Low Updo With Victory Rolls

Low Updo With Victory Rolls #updo #victoryroll

Here’s a breathtaking idea of victory rolls long hair can bring to life. A bit asymmetrically placed top rolls create a full, volumetric body that is balanced out with a low bun.
Source: thefreckledfox via Instagram

Rolls And Bouffant

Rolls And Bouffant #updo #victoryroll

Creating a bouffant on the crown is another good way to let voluminous silhouette fill the space. Just look how authentically it goes with the rolls.

P.S some flowers and embellishments can enhance the effect.
Source: diablorose via Instagram

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