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Updo Rolls With Lily

Updo Rolls With Lily #victoryrolls

Since women associate flowers with pure femininity and elegance, why don’t use them as a finishing detail of your look? If you put a real fresh flower into your victory updo, you will not only give it a delicate mood but also spruce it up with amazing odor.
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Roll With Hat

Roll With Hat #victoryrolls

There’s no better way to keep your hairstyle in place all day long than to wear it under a fashionable hat! A straw hat is back in town, not only to keep your head away from direct sunlight; it’s here to make you forget about countless touch-ups, giving you a stylish look.
Source: soda_fontaine via Instagram

You’ve just seen the most popular ideas of mixing the old hairstyle with contemporary trends. Now, choose the rolling technique, get equipped with all the tools and products, and get ready for your own fresh take at the pin-up classic!

Fascinating Victory Rolls Hairstyles: The Modern Take At The Vintage Trend

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