Wet hair, wet makeup: the fashion world seems to have a serious plan to make modern mods sweat. We never know what to expect from the most unpredictable industry, but there’s one thing we can know for sure. The wet style trend that has been turning heads for years will never go out of style for one simple reason: it shows off sexuality.


There’s also one myth about the desired hair look: it requires a squad of stylists for just one mane. And if it’s the only thing that stops you from sporting the so much famous look, this post will sort things out. Alongside iconic wet hairdos rocked by celebrities, we’ve prepared a tutorial that will prove that the trend born on runway scenes are no-brainers.

Now, how about some inspiration? We’ve selected some gorgeous hairstyles for wet hair rocked by gorgeous women. Don’t worry, those faces are more than just familiar.

Long, Wet And Side-Parted

Long, Wet And Side-Parted
Source: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

As the most googled hairstyle, Kim Kardashian wet hair look has its own fan base. But who would’ve thought that such a sleek hairdo would turn out to be that easy-to-do? Besides, the side part brings a ton of sophistication.


Sleek Low Pony With Free Locks

Sleek Low Pony With Free Locks
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

This Vanessa Kirby’s half-wet, half-messy hairstyle gives a stunning fresh take at the classic wet look.

Wet Side-Swept Lob

Wet Side-Swept Lob #wethair
Source: Twocoms/Shutterstock

Margot Robbie decided to apply a smaller amount of wet hair product to create a more manageable, flexible wet hairdo. As a result, she gave a new definition to effortlessness.


Slicked Back Top

Slicked Back Top #wethair
Source: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Kendall Jenner knows how to make simplicity work for her sexuality, so she got the top teased, making it shinier than the rest of the hair. In this way, she got herself a carefree yet refined look.

Slick & Smooth Style For Short Hair

Slick & Smooth Style For Short Hair #wethair
Source: BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock

Here, Marion Cotillard shows that you can’t have too much of gel when you’re about to create a wet hair look. Not only does this idea look universally pretty on all lengths but also serves as a perfect match to any occasions.


Long, Wet & Side-Swept Pixie

Long, Wet & Side-Swept Pixie #wethair
Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Pixies are a great canvas to wet looks: they can be super sleek and shiny or defined and relaxed. Evangeline Lilly took her chances with the second option and showed up with a totally smart and attractive hair look.

Center-Parted Wavy Wet Hair

Center-Parted Wavy Wet Hair #wethair
Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

When going for wet looks, you shouldn’t stick only to straight hair texture. On the contrary, you can go a different way and copy this wet and wavy hair look by Meg Donnelly. A slight wave and soft shine add tons of femininity to her premiere style.

Side-Slicked Pixie

Side-Slicked Pixie #wethair
Source: JStone/Shutterstock

Scarlett Johansson seems to have tried all the pixie hairstyles possible. But this perfectly parted, extra sleek masterpiece deserves special mention here.


Barely Wet Hair

Barely Wet Hair #wethair
Source: lev radin/Shutterstock

Olivia Wilde’s hair looks unbelievably gorgeous even without loads of styling products applied. She used the wet product to enhance the natural volume and add a sense of lift to her mane, thus achieving an effortless shiny look.

Volumetric Wet Look

Volumetric Wet Look #wethair
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

For Emma Lahana, keeping up with volume in hair is a crucial style goal. Even with the amazing wet look, she managed to make it amazingly lifted. Believe it or not, some teasing and a couple of pins are keys.

Sleek Low Bun Wet Hair look

Sleek Low Bun Wet Hair look #wethair
Source: Ga Fullner/Shutterstock

How do you like this Zendaya’s trick that feeds two birds with one scone? Not only does she tame her amazing natural hair here but she also emphasizes what a sophisticated woman she actually is. Although there’s nothing complicated about creating a sleek low bun, simplicity is what makes this look special.


Side Swept Shoulder Length Bob

Side Swept Shoulder Length Bob #wethair
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

For her fine hair, Kristen Bell has found a fantastic compromise - a shoulder-length bob. This haircut keeps the natural bounce in the hair without weighing the locks down. At the same time, it allows for various creative transformations, and this wet side-swept look is one of them. Apart from looking hip and trendy, the side-swept silhouette builds the perfect balance for her face shape.

Center Parted Long Wet Waves

Center Parted Long Wet Waves #wethair
Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

There’s no need to tell you how much Ciara loves to rock textured looks. So when it comes to her favorite wet hair look, she doesn’t hesitate to add a bit of texture to it. Since she has a pretty long mane, she accentuates her sleek look with waves, applying texturizing mousse to the midshafts. As a result, the look is natural, yet still luxuriant.

Layered Wavy Bob

Layered Wavy Bob #wethair
Source: JStone/Shutterstock

It seems like Rihanna has just found a new texture. In fact, it’s the middle ground between curls and waves that look defined and sleek at the same time. Yes, it’s just a layered wavy bob. But like with all Rihanna hairstyles, when this lady goes for something basic and simple, the definitions of these words reach a whole new level. By the way, without layers, the curls, or waves, or whatever it is wouldn’t look so dramatic.


Side Parted Short Bob Wet Hair

Side Parted Short Bob Wet Hair #wethair
Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Kristen Stewart loves to jump from one extreme to the other when playing with her hair. But, there’s something that she can’t resist, no matter what length or cut she sports. For her short bob, the actress styles her hair to the side, leaving the wet locks to flow gently and naturally. This gives a pretty striking effect, especially when it’s paired with dramatic smokey eyes.

Wet Hair Tutorial

There’s a great universal way on how to get the wet hair look easily and, most importantly, professionally. The only things you need are to be equipped with the right styling arsenal and follow the steps below.

Wet Hair Tutorial #wethair #hairtutorial
Credit video: youtube.com/Milabu

What you will need:

  • non-sticky, shiny wet look hair gels
  • glossing spray
  • hair spray
  • a hair brush

How to:

  • Step 1. Damp hair. No, it shouldn’t be wet, even though it goes against the common image of the style. It must be dump so that wet look hair gels could be distributed evenly, without getting sticky. So, remember to always start with damp hair.
  • Step 2. Use a lot of gel. When it comes to applying wet hair look product, you should be pretty generous not only to your roots but also to the rest of the hair.

That’s actually the case when the more gel you apply, the wetter your look is. In fact, it depends on how intense you want the look to be. Still, you should work a big amount of the product throughout your hair, starting from the very roots.

  • Step 3. Comb it back. For the classic wet look hair, a fine tooth comb is a must. As for bristles, they affect the way your hair looks. Boar bristle brushes, for example, work well for sculpted looks, while soft bristles are meant for an even, polished finish. Brush your hair back, distributing the generous amount of gel through your hair evenly and avoiding any bumps.
  • Step 4. Spritz it with glossing spray. It just so happens that roots are often shinier and more gelled than the rest of the locks. And this is where glossing sprays come in. Spray a glossing product to your locks but not to the roots to create a smooth blend with them.
  • Step 5. Coat it with a long-lasting finish. Just like with any other hairstyle, wet hairstyles can’t do without hair sprays. But, this time, it should be a strong-hold, shine-enhancing product. This step is not only the easiest but also the most important, as it will control and keep your hairstyle in place all day or night long. Coat your hair with shiny hair spray before the gel dries to forget about countless touch-ups.

When we look at those long-legged models with smokey makeups and shiny wet hairstyles, we think that those ideas are meant only for runway shows. What a shame, though! Today, you’ve seen with your own eyes that even a newbie in the hairstyles world can copy one of such ideas. Now that you’ve learned the pro-steps on how to make your hair look wet, nothing stops you from stealing a look from your favorite celebrity!

FAQ: Wet Hair

Is it good for your hair to be wet?

Wet hair is incredibly fragile and more prone to breaking than dry hair. Detangling your locks with a brush or comb after a shower is the last thing you should do.

Is it okay to wash hair with just water?

Canadian hair experts advocate rinsing hair with lukewarm water rather than scalding hot water, and then rinsing it with cold water. How often you should wash your hair with water only is determined many factors, such as the amount of oil, sweat, and hair products in your hair, as well as your hair type.

Does spraying water on your hair help it grow?

There is no proof that spraying water on your hair would speed up its growth. Even if you wet your hair every day or spritz it with a spray bottle, it will hardly speed up the growth process.