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Center-Parted Wavy Hair

Center-Parted Wavy Hair #wethair

When going for wet looks, you shouldn’t stick only to straight hair texture. On the contrary, you can go a different way and copy this wet and wavy hair look by Meg Donnelly. A slight wave and soft shine add tons of femininity to her premiere style.
Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Side-Slicked Pixie

Side-Slicked Pixie #wethair

Scarlett Johansson seems to have tried all the pixie hairstyles possible. But this perfectly parted, extra sleek masterpiece deserves special mention here.
Source: JStone/Shutterstock

Barely Wet

Barely Wet #wethair

Olivia Wilde’s hair looks unbelievably gorgeous even without loads of styling products applied. She used the wet product to enhance the natural volume and add a sense of lift to her mane, thus achieving an effortless shiny look.
Source: lev radin/Shutterstock

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