Undercut women styles aren’t afraid to compete with the guys. While this classic look used to be worn primarily by men, ladies have proven they look just as good with shaved sides and some length left on the top.


This brave look can be worn a variety of lengths and truly depends mostly on what you’re just comfortable with. There are no hard and fast rules about wearing an undercut other than being sure that you are ready for the commitment. Perhaps you’re growing out a pixie on the top but want to go bold underneath? Or maybe you want something edgy that plays up a hot trendy hair color (purple or pink anyone)? You can wear an undercut and still look feminine if you choose. Take a look at the following bold looks and find the shaved style that’s ideal for you.

Will Undercut Suit You?

Before you opt for this cut you might want to decide if it will suit you. Generally speaking, oval face shapes can wear pretty much anything. For the rest, you’ll want to be mindful of how and where to place the top length of the style.

This cut is often parted to the side, but those with a long forehead may want to wear a bang to downplay that feature. If you have a square jawline, you should have a length that exceeds below it so it balances that portion out. Your stylist can help you determine the best length and parts for you and your hair type.


The Most Stylish Undercut Hairstyles Ideas

There are plenty of reasons to opt for an undercut. First off, you’ll save yourself some valuable styling time in the mornings. An undercut is kept short on the back and sides so you’ll really only need to work on styling the top. This look can also be worn and parted several different ways to flatter a variety of facial shapes. Many women start with this classic cut before venturing off into more wild and expressive looks. Consider an undercut if you want to dip your toes in a short style for women.

Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut is fairly easy to spot. Usually it’s paired with a hard part that pushes the hair over to the other side. Many ladies love this look if they want to draw attention to body tattoos or even a shaved or pierced eyebrow. Add some color to a disconnected style and you make it even hotter.


Short Hairstyle With Shaved Temple

Some girls want to play with the idea of a shaved head without diving in completely and that’s perfectly fine. This cute and playful variation allows you to pull off one of the hottest female trendy cuts without losing your length entirely. It’s also a great way to add some dimension to a classic bob cut. There’s nothing wrong with dappling into the world of an undercut, even if it’s just on one side.

Undercut Long Hairstyle

Even though the undercut is pretty short, it can work for girls with any length of hair: short as a pixie, medium as a bob, or long and layered. When you'd like to show off the charm around your sides, you can collect long hair in a ponytail, space bans, or braid, short - combed to one side. Hence the third reason is an opportunity to do different hairstyles every day.

Also, as the hair grows quickly, you can constantly try different designs and colors, mixing them with each other. As a result, your haircut will be different all the time and you will not have time to get bored.

From the above options, and the fourth reason for the undercard is diversity and creativity. We will help you choose exactly what you are looking for. A collection of fresh ideas for the undercut waits for you further!

Such type of haircut as an undercard can be combined with a variety of hairstyles and with absolutely any length of hair. In order to demonstrate a trimmed neck on long hair, you can collect your hair in a ponytail, a bun, or you can make a braid, long enough for pixies and bobs to change the parting.


Messy Short Hairstyle Ideas

Credit photo: instagram.com/apostoldiana

A bob haircut is for women who like their hair to be slightly longer while still having a low-maintenance look. Also, this haircut looks super classy and elegant. On the other hand, you will have some trouble while mastering it plus it isn’t as flexible as other haircuts. This look is rather a bowl than a bob. Well, whatever it is, it looks hip! If you're thinking of copying this look, you're on the right way.

Disconnected Layered Undercut

When you want to add some dynamics and movement, layers are key. And when you want to add some drama to your look, a disconnected undercut is a must. Together, these two will form a spectacular duo. If you don't like rough contrasts, you can go for tapers. And if you want to go big, a skin fade will do the trick. It doesn't matter if you wear your hair straight or wavy. This kind of undercut flies on all textures!

Side Undercut Hairstyles

Although the classic undercut features shaved sides and nape, this haircut never sets limitations for creative minds! As a matter of fact, an undercut is nothing but a canvas for hair experiments, where you can customize every single detail of your look. So when you want some big and bold hair changes that won't look too drastic, you can go for a side undercut! A slightly shaved touch on one side is enough to take your pixie or bob to the next level, especially if you want to add some character to your short cut.


Lotus Style Undercut

Hairstyles With Braids

Don’t want to step into the commitment of shaved designs but still dream of accentuating your undercut? Well, this is where the good old braids should come into your life. Just braid a small section of hair down the hairline and see your undercut from a brand new perspective! Or, you can combine shaved sides with braids. Of course, it will require regular upkeep. But this duo is totally worth it! Plus, braids can add a feminine touch to your bold look.

Side Swept Undercut

Side-swept is one of the most popular types of undercut haircuts. If you wear a long or short pixie, any long bob - then this haircut is definitely for you! Experiment, regardless of the length and color of your hair, try a new one, and you will certainly find something that will suit exactly you! The good news is, side-sweep looks cool on anything from shaved to tapered sides. Wavy or straight, this style is always fabulous!


Classic but Outstanding Undercut Style

Credit photo: instagram.com/corneliucrihan

Short haircuts are also adaptable for undercuts. For this kind of hair look, the most appropriate way is to shave sides of your head, as well as finish them with a taper or fade. However, in some cases, undercuts with ornaments look bomb. Now, let's talk about its creative side. From various colors to different cutting techniques, you are free to play. We weren't joking when we told you that undercut knows no limits. Well, these pics are proof. Moreover, they're only the beginning.

Undercut with Mohawk

Undercut Designs Ideas

When rocking an undercut, your hair is no longer hair; it's a way to express your artistic-self. That's why you should discover the latest trend in the world of undercut for women - shaved designs. While there are a plethora of ideas for your creative side, nape, or all-over shave design, you can also create your own sketch. Here are the latest and most popular shaved designs that you will certainly find inspiring for your next appointment!


Long Hairstyles With Undercut Designs

Credit photo: instagram.com/playwithscissors

There are a lot of different designs. Masters shave geometric shapes and flowers, as well as animals and abstractions. Basically, the main thing is to show imagination.

Another way to show individuality is to color your undercut bright, thus accentuating attention to it. In the warm season, use pink, green, yellow shades, in winter - purple, blue, and black.

Free your inner wild cat - animal prints are super popular today, after all! Also, you can accessorize your design. Some glittery powder will work just great! Or, you can color your design different shades. That's a fantastic way to make your hair look even more unique.

Undercut Fade

The undercard fade differs in that it implies a soft transition and graduation of lengths. Often, this technique is used in men's haircuts, but, lately, undercard fade rightfully takes a firm position in the list of popular women's haircuts, thus being one of the trendiest androgynous haircuts. There are three fade graduations: low, mid, and high. The softness and length are what make the difference between them. If you want a more balanced look, a mid fade is key. In case you're more into contrasts, high fade is for you. As for the low fade, it's a cool detail for a clean accent on the nape. 

Lovely And Beautiful Hair Tattoos

Now let's discuss how you can get better prepared for this new fresh look. First of all, pick some photos that you find really beautiful and save them on the smartphone. These photos are for your hairstylist, in case you'd like to try something different.


Wild Orange Mullet Symphony

Credit photo: instagram.com/shrunknheads

Colored Undercut

Credit photo: instagram.com/thehairstylish

Also, do follow your hairstylist’s advice. A professional stylist is always honest with his or her clients. Therefore, if a particular hairstyle is not right for you, just make peace with this thought.

Gorgeous Blonde Mullet Undercuts


Spike-Line Hair Tattoo

Don’t think that you know better. So as not to be disappointed, trust your stylist. And when it is about shaving the head, it is advisable to opt for baby steps rather than go super extreme at once. Then you will truly rock this trendy hairstyle! Besides, you can always cut off more hair with time. On the contrary, if you go too short right away, you'll turn your life into commitment.

Back Shaved Lines Undercut

Undercut With Side Shaved Lines

Simple but refined and striking lines - that's what makes heads turn today. Whether it's a plain stripe on the side or a customized line, it will add a lot of character to your undercut. The best thing is, you can try lots of different ideas because the hair on sides grows pretty quickly.


Rainbow Side Stripe

Credit photo: instagram.com/olga.lebedinskaya

Now that you've taken a journey around the latest women's hair trends, you know that undercut is no longer associated with men only! Not only does this haircut adapt to any hair type but it also has the power to reveal your bright self. Although it may seem to be too outrageous for the workplace, it actually has many variations to fit all lifestyles. Of course, it takes some guts. But once you try it, you won't regret it!

FAQ: Undercut

What does it mean if a girl has an undercut?

Women’s undercuts have been a popular approach to change up their appearance. What do we call an undercut? It is a haircut obtained when the sides of your neck and/or the nape of your neck are shaved extremely short. Optionally, you can have your cut colored or add some designs to it. Undercuts are very popular nowadays for a variety of reasons, one of which being their adaptability.

Who should get an undercut?

If you have thin hair and would like to try an undercut, we recommend you to shave only one side of your head rather than both or all around. Wearing an undercut can help with gender anxiety if you’re non-binary or gender-fluid, or experience anything else on the transgender spectrum for that matter.

How long does an undercut last?

How can you keep an undercut looking good? It is suggested that you come in for a touch-up every three weeks. When the hair is long enough and the hairstyle is not really eye-catching, it takes roughly two weeks. Of course, the upkeep of any hairstyle is dependent on the kind and texture of the hair.

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