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3. Dark Auburn Hair

Source: amandahillhair via Instagram

Dark Auburn Hair

If you have long, wavy dark auburn hair and looking for brown-red hair color ideas, we have a treat for you. This shade of reddish brown hair color is surely a head turner.

This color screams danger with a touch of softness, which makes it a perfect choice for you.

So wear a black dress and your hair down to the next party, and people will be drooling over it, figuratively!

4. Rich Auburn Hair Color

Source: yunuskarat via Instagram

Rich Auburn Hair Color

This is a kind of color that just draws attention towards you. So, are you brave enough to try the reddish brown hair color?

Our advice is to go for it. What’s a life without risks? And trust us, the end result will be worth it, you will look fetching!

A rich auburn hair color is intense and vivid. And if you have green eyes, you will look gorgeous with this hair.

With your wavy long red hair, people will be drawn towards you like a moth towards the flame.

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