Balayage Highlights: Choose Your Style

Balayage highlights – how often do you mix the two? If you are new to the world of hair beauty, these two notions may sound pretty confusing to you. That is why we decided to help you out a little and choose what suits you best. The thing is that balayage is like a natural melting of a darker shade into lighter one so that the ends definitely stand out, while highlights are standing out throughout the length, being equally dramatic, depending on the shade, of course.


Comparing balayage and highlights is like comparing edgy look with its classy equivalent, but after all, the choice is yours. One thing you should bear in mind, despite the technique you choose, it shouldn’t be harmful to your hair if done properly.

Caramel Blonde Balayage

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The characteristic of balayage hair is that it turns to look different depending on the way you style it. The thing with caramel blonde balayage is that while you are having fun looking at this sweet blonde hair, you know that there is something mysterious hidden in this caramel depth.


Caramel Blonde Highlights

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The difference between balayage blond and caramel blonde highlights is dramatic. Especially when it comes to dark brown hair. Brown hair with blonde highlights of a caramel shade makes your look like it has been gently touched by sun. Do not trust us? Have a look yourself!

Honey Blonde Balayage

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When you can’t decide upon the shade you would like to go with, balayage hair is what you need. Just look at this transition from dark brown to honey blonde hair! It looks nothing but natural and gorgeous, don’t you think?


Honey Blonde Highlights

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Honey blonde highlights on brown hair look simply irresistible. The combination of chocolate and honey is the tastiest there is – just one look at it, and you will come to the honey hair side!

Icy, Ash Blonde Balayage

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Icy blonde balayage is that perfect way for natural blonde-haired beauties enhance the natural color and take it a little further and spice it up with a hint of boldness. By the way, an inverted lob suits the purpose like nothing else.


Icy, Ash Blonde Highlights

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Icy blonde highlights are perfect for those of you, ladies, who want to go all-in, but with something left to the imagination. What is left to say is that the longer highlighted hair is, the more magnificent it looks.

New Color Trend: Babylights

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Babylights will suit any of you who prefer natural beauty to anything else but wouldn’t dare to say no to a technique that will not only leave natural beauty intact, but will greatly enhance it. It is always fun to try something new, don’t you think?

Ashy Pale Highlights

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Even though the purpose of highlights is to accentuate your color with a brighter shade, things aren’t that limited when it comes to their variety. Apart from putting your natural shade into the spotlight, you can make it even more sophisticated and dimensional with soft and smooth ashy pale lights running through your length.