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Chic Side Bun

Source: hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram

Chic Side Bun #hairstyles #longhairstyles #faceshapes #bunhairstyles

Remember once and for all: there’s one simple rule on how to hide your big forehead: side, asymmetrical, and outweighed styles can add the needed balance to your look, drawing attention from your broad features. And a messy side bun is a nice example!

Front Fishtail Headband Braid

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

Front Fishtail Headband Braid #hairstyles #longhairstyles #faceshapes #braids

Since braids are something that has no restrictions and any girl can pull it off, you’d better hide your big forehead with a touch of eternal elegance. A front fishtail braid that overlaps your forehead a bit will not only give you a good casual look but also set a new, well-balanced silhouette.

Fake Bang Top Knot Hairstyle

Source: lipstickncurls via Instagram

Fake Bang Top Knot Hairstyle #hairstyles #longhairstyles #faceshapes #topknot

One of the best ways to succeed in masking the flaw is to hide big forehead with bangs. But not every lady is ready for such a regular cutting commitment. That’s why creative ladies go for top-knots: you can set your hair high, creating a knot, and leave the ends lye on your forehead, just like bangs do.

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