There are times when a ponytail with bangs is the best option due to the number of reasons. First of all, it is very easy to style. But that is not just it. Also, the varieties the ponytails come in can amaze anyone. Plus, you will always look like you were just born that way and none of the effort was spent.


Unique Ponytail Braid Styles

A ponytail braid is that unique element that can make any pony special. You can wrap it around, add it to the side or let the braid transform into a pony, the effect will stay the same – ravishing!


Stunning Messy Ponytail Looks

A messy ponytail looks irresistible when combined with bangs. Besides, it is so easy to replicate: just a few moves and your stunning ‘do is ready. You can also use some hairspray for the desired effect to last.

Elegant Ponytail with Bangs

The thing about ponytails is that they can fit any occasion. What we have in mind is that for any occasion there is a suitable type of pony. For example, what can be more elegant than a low, slightly waved pony with bangs nicely swept to the side?


Half Up Pony With Long Bangs

If you have curly hair, then the best option for you is a half up pony. It also has the ability to grant your hair some additional volume. If that is what you are still missing, then you shouldn’t think twice and head straight for it!

High Pony With Bangs

High Pony with Bangs
Credit photo: nessielv via Instagram

Rainbow hair is extremely trendy these days. And there is nothing better to accentuate your stunning, brand-new hair color than a sleek high pony with bangs. Get used to the attention you draw!


Ponytails With Wispy Bangs

Ponytails With Curtain Bangs

Ponytails With Blunt Bangs


Ponytails With Face Framing Bangs

Ponytails With Side Bangs

Ponytail With French Bangs


Ponytail With Layered Bangs

Ponytail With Layered Bangs
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Ponytails With Bottleneck Bangs

Ponytails With Bottleneck Bangs
Credit photo: alena__famina via Instagram

Ponytails With Feathered Bangs


Long Bangs With Swoop Ponytail

Long Bangs with Swoop Ponytail
Credit photo: sincerelyoghosa via Instagram

Ponytail With Curly Bangs

Ponytail With Dyed Bangs

Apply your favorite texturizing product when styling to get a polished ponytail hairstyle and look like a celebrity.


FAQ: Ponytail With Bangs

Do bangs look good with ponytail?

A ponytail with bangs brings a simple hairstyle to life. After you’ve mastered this new look, styling it every morning will be a snap. When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful hairdo that seems effortless to put together.

How do you make a fake ponytail look real?

Use Your Hair Texture. Moisturizing and detangling your hair as well as your extensions will help you blend them better. You can consider that you have achieved cohesion between how they look and how they feel when both are well hydrated: cleansed, conditioned, etc.

How long does a weave ponytail last?

Quick weave can last up to a month if handled gently. At night, cover your hair with a silk scarf for more protection. Don’t use oil-based treatments as they may remove the adhesive.