Date-Night Ideas Of A Braided Ponytail To Try Out

A Braided Ponytail Is Everything You Need to Get Yourself Prince Charming

A braided ponytail steps in right after you decide you are bored of simple ponytails. This upgraded version of a ponytail won’t leave anyone without a satisfying way out. Moreover, these upgrades just won’t stop changing and amazing you even when you start to think that you have already tried them all! A nice braided pony can make even the strictest suit look more feminine or add some more softness to a pretty floral dress.


Romantic Braided Ponytails

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Ponytail styles are something we are used to, something we call comfy and classy. But we will show you the ideas that will bring a simple ponytail to a brand new level.


Ponytails For Any Hair Texture

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The best thing about ponytail hairstyles is that they can work for any hair texture, be it thin or thick hair, curly or straight, long or short. And, if you want to look unforgettable on your first date – we know a trick or two!


Bright Braided Ponytails

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Adding a braid into your pony makes your look even more sophisticated. If you are a fan of bright colors that are undoubtedly very trendy, just blend in a double Dutch braid into a fishtail of your purple (or blue, or pink) hair and Lady Elegance will be staring back at you from the mirror!


Add A French Braid To Your Pony

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A French braid hidden in the middle of your ponytail is a symbol of sheer humbleness that no one can resist! The Charming will be conquered!


Create Ponytails With Boho Braids

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If you are looking for a hairstyle to fit multiple occasions, then you should try to make a ponytail out of loose boho braids. With the help of bobby pins, your hairdo will survive the day without losing its charm.

Infinity Braid

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Phenomenal braided ponytails are for extraordinary girls. Try to create infinity braid with a ponytail and look very stylish.

Beautiful Half Double Pigtails

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If you like lovely braided hairstyles, you can create two half braids. It may be Dutch, fishtail, or French braids. Choose what you love.


Half Up Half Down Braided Pony

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If you prefer loose hairstyles, you can try a half up half down braided pony.

Nice Side Braid

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A side braid is an excellent option for romantic ladies.

Dutch Fishtail Braids

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Wearing Dutch fishtail braids will give your hair not only a lot of natural volume and movement but also a unique, versatile look. Whether it’s a textured braid or a braided updo that turns into a ponytail, it will suit any occasion and outfits.


Bubbled Braid Pony

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Though bubble braid ponytails seem to be the easiest hairstyles in the world, nobody can’t resist their charm and fullness. In this way, you can whip your hair into shape with a super chic hairdo that takes minutes to get it done.

Pull Through Pony

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How do you like the idea of an inverted braid that transforms into a ponytail? Mixing different textures is always fun and beautiful, just let your imagination fly, and truly unique braided hairstyles will be yours.

Dutch Braids Into Ponytails

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Here’s another way to combine two ageless and familiar hairstyles! The top of your head can be embellished with a feminine texture of Dutch braids, while the rest of your hair can show up as a low ponytail.


Mohawk Braided Ponytail

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We can’t leave you without girly mohawk hairstyles! Of course, one of the best ways to achieve the stand-out top of a mohawk is to braid the crown as high as possible, leaving the sides neat and tight. Braid the rest of your locks or leave them as they are, creating a pony: anything will work awesome!

Rope Braid Pony

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Rope braids have always been one of the most effective solutions for thin hair: once you go for such a flirty, twisted updo, you’ll take your hair type to the next level. And when this cutie is combined with an effortless ponytail, it becomes even more attractive.

Add Some Cornrows To Your Hairstyle

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Create a braid consisting of lots of tiny strands. Then combine it with a sleek, polished front. And what you get is a spiced up ponytail to help you make a statement!


Crown Braid To Ponytail

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This is really a royal hairstyle. The crown braid will give you a refined look.