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Side Bang For Long Layered Hair

Source: stylistmadishka via Instagram

Side Bang For Long Layered Hair #hairstyles #faceshapes #longhairstyles #layeredhair

Nowadays, you can’t find a woman who’s not familiar with the beautifying power of layers. But not everyone knows how to enhance it. So here comes the long side bang – just what the doctor ordered. To hide your big forehead, you don’t need to cover it fully; a swept touch of side fringe with full layers can also work on the balance.

Side Fishtail Braid

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Side Fishtail Braid #hairstyles #faceshapes #longhairstyles #braids

A side fishtail braid, where your hair is swept to the side, creating sort of long bangs that gently hide your forehead partly and incorporate into the style is another easy and fabulous way to make your broad forehead look less noticeable. Braids are always on the top, and the same goes for such flattering ones.

Side Parted Sleek Updo Hairstyle

Source: iluvsarahii via Instagram

Side Parted Sleek Updo Hairstyle #hairstyles #faceshapes #longhairstyles #updohairstyles

Some sleek silhouettes can also come in handy for ladies with big forehead: just make sure that it’s done properly. All you need is to section off the top layer of your hair and create a deep side part, brushing the heavy side towards your ear and thus covering your forehead a little. It’s very important to keep the balance, so try to avoid full overlapping. Just look at how awesomely such a minimalistic style works!

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