Gorgeous Shades of Blonde Hair

Pick the Most Flattering Shade of Blonde Hair

Considering a new shade of blonde hair? From golden blonde to platinum, there is a ton of blonde shades for hair. However, you want to choose the correct shade of blonde for your skin tone and eye color.


There are literally dozens of shades of light hair color to choose from. But don’t get discouraged. We will gladly help you pick the most flattering shade.

From dirty blonde hair to ashy blonde, there is something for everyone! Choosing the appropriate hair color for your complexion is important because you don’t want to look pale or washed out.

Following is a selection of our favorite shades of blonde hair plus some helpful tips for dying your hair blonde.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Blonde Color:

  1. Stay within 2 shades of your natural color.
  2. Take your skin tone into serious consideration when choosing the perfect shade of blonde.
  3. Eye color is also important when choosing the right shade of blonde. Some shades will look great on those with darker eyes while others will compliment those with a blue, green, or hazel eye color.
  4. If you are going from a darker shade, you will need to bleach your hair so that it doesn’t turn orange or green or some other funky shade.
  5. Protect your dyed hair when going out in the sun or swimming.
  6. Use products for color-treated hair to retain your hair color.
  7. Only shampoo a few times a week to ensure that the color will last longer.
  8. Get your roots touched up when needed.
  9. Choose ombres, highlights, streaks, and balayage tones that will compliment your blonde shade.

Platinum Blonde

Source: hairbykimtran via Instgram

If you are going for the “blonde bombshell” look, platinum blonde is your best choice. It is the lightest blonde shade and looks best on those with fair to medium skin tones but can nicely compliment any eye color.


Buttery Blonde

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instgram

This shade is a gorgeous warm tone with soft touches of honey-yellow. This bright and sunny blonde works best for those with pearly complexion and can flatter any eye color.


Golden Blonde

Source: sarahpotempa via Instgram

This multi-dimensional blend of gold, butter and honey tones works best for those with light eye colors such as hazel or baby blue. Also, it compliments those with fair complexions and blends nicely with balayage tones.


Cherry Blonde

Source: hairgod_zito via Instgram

This berry color with its fuchsia tones is perfect for those with dark eyes and skin. It is achieved by first dying your hair blonde and then adding cherry on top.


Caramel Blonde

Source: cristen_smith via Instgram

This shade is similar to dark iridescent blonde or light golden brown and works for any complexion. If you want this gorgeous shade of blonde to look natural, use pale highlights near your face and a dark golden blonde base at the middle of your hair length.

Chocolate Blonde

Source: guy_tang via Instgram

This fun shade is a darker shade of caramel blonde that looks best on those with dark eyes and hair. Be careful not to mix this shade with orange or platinum tones as it will look unnatural. However, it looks stunning with soft, golden highlights.

Sandy Blonde

Source: southmarksouth via Instgram

This shade is subtle and warm and works best for those with fair skin and lighter eyes. Start with a dark blonde base and add a cool beige balayage on the ends to the mid-length.


Dirty Blonde

Source: cristen_smith via Instgram

This medium shade of blonde is streaked with subtle wheat or “dirt” tones. This shade is perfect for those with brown or green eyes and a medium complexion.

Honey Blonde

Source: hairbyamberjoy via Instgram

This warm shade works best for those with medium skin tones and darker yes. If you want to perfect this shiny shade, keep your roots darker and add honey highlights.

Summer Blonde

Source: salsalhair via Instgram

This lavish flaxen shade of blonde is accomplished with sun-kissed highlights over a sandy base. It can be adjusted to fit any complexion and eye color and looks great with colorful ombre tips for a bit of an edge.


Ash Blonde

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instgram

This darker shade of blonde is a good choice for those with darker skin and eyes. It can be softened with subtle buttery highlights to match any skin tone and is recommended for hair that is starting to go gray.

Copper Blonde

Source: hairbystephanierose via Instgram

This stunning dark golden hue has luscious amber undertones and goes well with darker eyes and complexions. For those with naturally dark hair, this is the best way to go blonde without those annoying brassy tones.

Strawberry Blonde

Source: hairbykimtran via Instgram

This popular blonde shade is soft reddish-blonde that resembles a breathtaking sunset. It flatters those with light eyes and fairer skin tones.


Silvery Blonde

Source: guy_tang via Instgram

This ashy shade of blonde is best on those with light skin and eye colors and is another shade that works great for hair that is starting to gray. For those with a dark complexion, you can avoid looking pale and washed out by adding some warm honey tones, as well.


Source: evalam_ via Instgram

Just as silver-gray is becoming quite trendy, so is bronde, or brownish-blonde. Bronde is extremely natural looking and goes well with medium and fair complexion and medium or light eyes.

Face Shape Balayage

Source: trusshair via Instgram

In case simple blonde balayage is not for you and you are looking for something fancier, then we may have something in mind. How do you feel about the combination of blonde and light brown?


Highlighted Bob

Source: trusshair via Instgram

The best way to take your long, sleek bob to the next level is to pair it with blonde highlights. The darker roots grant you that special hint of mystery.

Layered Warm Blonde

Source: manuellobo via Instgram

What is the better way to warm up your look than adding some warm hues into your hair? The smooth transition from dark to warm blonde will leave you speechless!

Orange and Yellow Strands

Source: cryistalchaos via Instagram

Experimentations with colors are pretty trendy these days. But those of you who are not ready to give in to blues and purples can easily pull off orange and yellow strands complemented with blonde.


White Blonde Ombre

Source: lisalovesbalayage via Instagram

Those of you who want to add some chick vibe to your mane should totally opt for white blonde ombre.

Highlighted Ends

Source: off7thsalon via Instagram

Copper shades are rich on their own, there is no doubt about that. But we know a way to make your copper bob even more attention-drawing. Highlighting ends will totally do the trick.

Copper to Blonde Ombre

Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram

Would you dare playing with fire? Then bring it into your hair. Opt for copper to blonde transition and wherever you go, the power of fire will follow!


Cold Blue Shades

Source: blend_studio via Instagram

Cold blue balayage looks extremely gorgeous when combined together with darker hair. It seems that you just walked out of a Frozen fairytale.

Purple Balayage

Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Purple balayage does not have to look edgy and bold. It can also look sweet and feminine. All you need to do is opt for a light purple pastel shade.

Are you ready to see if blondes really do have more fun? Try one of these fabulous blonde hair colors and embrace your inner blonde beauty!