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Pick the Most Flattering Shade of Blonde Hair

Considering a new shade of blonde hair? From golden blonde to platinum, there is a ton of blonde shades for hair. However, you want to choose the correct shade of blonde for your skin tone and eye color.

There are literally dozens of shades of light hair color to choose from. But don’t get discouraged. We will gladly help you pick the most flattering shade.

From dirty blonde hair to ashy blonde, there is something for everyone! Choosing the appropriate hair color for your complexion is important because you don’t want to look pale or washed out.

Following is a selection of our favorite shades of blonde hair plus some helpful tips for dying your hair blonde.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Blonde Color:

  1. Stay within 2 shades of your natural color.
  2. Take your skin tone into serious consideration when choosing the perfect shade of blonde.
  3. Eye color is also important when choosing the right shade of blonde. Some shades will look great on those with darker eyes while others will compliment those with a blue, green, or hazel eye color.
  4. If you are going from a darker shade, you will need to bleach your hair so that it doesn’t turn orange or green or some other funky shade.
  5. Protect your dyed hair when going out in the sun or swimming.
  6. Use products for color-treated hair to retain your hair color.
  7. Only shampoo a few times a week to ensure that the color will last longer.
  8. Get your roots touched up when needed.
  9. Choose ombres, highlights, streaks, and balayage tones that will compliment your blonde shade.

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