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Gorgeous Warm Chestnut Shade With Darker Roots

Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Gorgeous Warm Chestnut Shade With Darker Roots #brunette #brownhair #wavyhair

Ladies with naturally dark hair color will love this gorgeously warm and subtle chestnut shade. Warm reddish tint that melts with the brownish base will illuminate due to the contrast of darker roots. Ask your colorist not for an all-over color, but for a smooth transition, and you won’t be mistaken in choice. As for your complexion: this hair color will suit any, except for yellowish skin tones.

Chestnut Brown Shade With Honey Hues

Source: petermenezes via Instagram

Chestnut Brown Shade With Honey Hues #brownhair #highlights

Also, chestnut brown hair is the best color choice for green and brown eye colors: it enhances the jewel-like shining of your eyes, accentuating their color in a flattering way. And when some honey hues are added, this enhancing effect becomes even more powerful, showing the beauty of colors in a new light.

Eye-Catching Chestnut Brown Highlights

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

Eye-Catching Chestnut Brown Highlights #brownhair #highlights

What hair colors can we call eye-catching? Not only those that impress us with their ravishing uncommonness or those that aren’t even close to natural hair colors. People will always be attracted to hair colors that look organic and still stand out. The pic above is the example of these values: noble dark chestnut with a slight sun kiss goes lighter to the ends, creating a seductive variety of effortless hues.

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