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What Is Coarse Hair?

First of all, let us answer the number-one question bothering many ladies: “what is coarse hair?.” Many people, for obvious reasons, tend to confuse it with thick hair. Yet, despite common misconceptions, this hair type has nothing to do with curly, frizzy, and kinky hair. In fact, it’s a hair type that has thick hair shaft with the widest diameter compared to other textures. Unlike any other types of hair, this one contains all the three layers of the hair shaft. In simple words, a coarse strand is as thick as a sewing thread.

How To Determine Your Hair Type & The Difference Between Coarse, Thick, And Curly Hair

Since coarse hair meaning splits into many different misunderstandings, it’s better to figure out what hair type you have before jumping into conclusions. There are three basics determining your hair type: the diameter, density, and elasticity of your hair.


  • To determine the diameter, pick a strand and hold it between your fingers.
  • If you can’t feel a strand while holding it, you have fine hair.
  • If you can feel it between your fingers, you have medium textured hair.
  • If you can feel a rough texture of the strand while holding it with your fingers, you have coarse hair.


  • To find out the density, grab a handful of your hair, put it to the side and look at your scalp.
  • If you see the scalp clearly, you have fine hair.
  • If the scalp is slightly visible, you have medium textured hair.
  • If it’s not visible at all, you have coarse hair.


  • When determining how elastic your hair is, you will also find out whether it’s healthy or not. To do so, pick a hair strand and carefully stretch it between your index fingers
  • If it breaks instantly, you have fine hair with low elasticity
  • If it stretches well and then returns to its initial length, your hair has high elasticity, which is a characteristic of both thick and coarse hair
  • Coarse strands don’t break easily by default, so if your hair holds its shape firmly, it’s considered coarse.

There’s no need in fine vs coarse hair comparison, as the differences are pretty clear. But when it comes to other, thicker hair types, people get confused. So let’s sort things out.

Coarse Hair

Coarse Hair #coarsehair

Every single strand is rough to the touch and has a very thick circumference.

Thick Hair

Thick Hair #coarsehair

The thickness of hair depends on the number of follicles growing from the scalp. Keep in mind that thick hair is not about the size of each strand, that’s why it can have a medium or fine texture.

Curly/Kinky Hair

Curly/Kinky Hair #coarsehair

The words ‘curly’ and ‘kinky’ describe the pattern of the hair type, but not the texture itself. In general, the texture of curls can be fine, medium or coarse. By the way, it’s a myth that kinky hair is always coarse. You’re most likely to meet a girl with coarse curly hair, mainly because kinky-haired ladies have the most fine-textured hair type.

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