By: | Updated: 05/31/2019

Enjoy The Great Comeback Of Crimped Hair!

When you think about crimped hair, you imagine your favorite teen movies with girls that wear crimped side ponytails and the fashionable runways shows where models flaunt with attractive deep waves. The huge comeback of the popular styling method from the 80’s is about to tell you that now you can bring those bright memories to life, embracing the new trend of now.

Yes, zig-zag fashion is here to hit us with its never-ending popularity. Do you remember why such hairstyles were so cool? First of all, the texture that crimping iron gives to your locks provides your hair with a stable volume, which is good for thin hair. Also, it controls the frizz of thick hair and hides greasy roots that are known as women’s common problem. Advantageous and stylish: why don’t sport it again?

The fantastic texture and practicality of crinkled hair will never go out of style, so we think you’d like to see how to nail it today. Check out some modern hairstyles that you can do with such texture and learn some interesting facts about it!

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