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Crochet Braids: What Are They?

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Crochet Braids: What Are They? #braids #longhair #crochetbraids

Let’s just get things straight about the magnificent and sometimes mysterious crochet braids. They’re braided hair extensions that are added to your natural hair by looping them under your cornrowed hair with a crochet hook and secured with a little knot. Crochet braiding is actually a technique that involves the use of loose hair too, the point is to secure it underneath the cornrows; that’s why you may see so many different variations of the crochet braids or crochet hair. Remember: such hairstyles are protective, so faux braids won’t ever cause damage. Obviously, to get such a long hairstyle, you don’t need to have long hair: you need to buy long fake braids.

Sumptuous Half-Up Bun For Natural Hair

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Sumptuous Half-Up Bun For Natural Hair #crochetbraids #braids #longhair #bun

Now, you should see how many cool things you can do with your hair and the help of faux locs. As we’ve mentioned before, they’re not necessarily braids. Some girls with natural hair prefer to loop loose locs, section them into two and twist these sections to get a fuller effect for their hair. This pic shows how you can do the same and create a stunning, textured half-up bun. Yes, natural hairstyles are impressive.

Marley Twist Braiding Hair

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Marley Twist Braiding Hair #braids #crochetbraids

These Marley twists are breathtaking, don’t you agree? There are lots of types of braiding hair, and the main differences between them are textures and sizes. For example, the goddess you see in the pic above is wearing twisted Marley hair. They’re installed under the cornrows and look different, but it’s still the impressive crochet technique.

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