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Stylish Curly Pixie Cut Looks

Curly pixie cut might not the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a new hairstyle. However, a short wavy or curly pixie can be a pleasant change if you are looking for a way to get rid of some of your longer locks. If you have naturally curly hair, a pixie cut can add life to your tresses.

A traditional pixie cut is timeless and classy. But there are so many trendy new looks for pixies that you will be able to express your individuality. Pixies are a great way to make a bold change in your life and as a bonus, they are super cute!

As well, there are some options for a fashionable long pixie cut if you aren’t quite ready to go super short. Pixies are fun because you can add different hues to your hair to make a statement or to liven up your look!

The important thing about pixies is that if you really like the look, it will definitely require some maintenance. While a longer hairstyle requires a trim every six to eight weeks, a pixie might need a touch up every four to six weeks. However, if you really want to embrace your sultry new look, it’s worth the time and effort.

As well, you will want to invest in some quality hair products to help boost your curls and maintain your adorable pixie. You should consider a texturising spray, volumizing mousse and a medium to strong hold finishing spray! And depending on your color, a shine serum might be in order. But a trendy pixie is worth every bit of the investment. Pixie cuts are definitely a trendsetting style and will make you the center of every crowd.

Take a look through our photo gallery and chose the curly pixie cut that speaks to you! Don’t forget to pin your favorites to show your hair stylist in your next visit!

Cute Curly Pixie Cut

Cute Curly Pixie Cut

This cute pixie with short wispy layers is very chic. It’s a good look if you want to give off a professional air for work. But at the same time, it’s fun and feminine! The light auburn shade and short layers add texture to this sophisticated cut.

Source: joleedvorak via Instagram

Pixie With Colorful Highlights

Pixie with Colorful Highlights

This curly pixie with shaved sides is already a unique look, but if you add in some sunset tones such as the red, yellow and orange hues shown here, you take this edgy look up a notch! Let your style shine with this super trendy punk rock pixie!

Source: craftedhairstudio via Instagram

Dark Brown Pixie

Dark Brown Pixie

This short curly pixie has a ton of volume and texture. A quality texturising product will help give lots of lift to this sassy do!

Source: mskris_mitchell via Instagram

Brunette Pixie With Accessories

Brunette Pixie with Accessories

Dark curly tresses look especially stunning with right pixie cut. And if you want to embellish your glam look, add an eye-catching accessory like the rosette pictured below. Who says you can’t dress up a shorter hairstyle?

Source: batombatom via Instagram

Pixie With Headband

Pixie with Headband

This curly pixie with side swept bangs is so feminine and chic. The darker hue gives it a glam chic vibe and the pretty headband makes it girly and sweet. Dramatic makeup will really help set this look apart.

Source: graycvangeline via Instagram

Long Pixie Cut

Long Pixie Cut

The longer bangs in this cute pixie give it a very feminine edge. Shaved sides give it a slightly edgy vibe so if you want to show you have both class and sass, this look’s for you!

Source: aashslittletalks via Instagram

Turquoise Pixie

Turquoise Pixie

For those who aren’t afraid to embrace their inner punk rock chic, this right turquoise pixie with shaved sides is definitely a crowd pleaser. The loose curls add a ton of volume. Leave your sides dark to add some contrast to the pretty shiny turquoise tresses!

Source: magaliciousfantasticus via Instagram

Undercut Violet Pixie

Undercut Violet Pixie

If you really want to pump up the volume, this shaved undercut curly pixie is a great way to give your curls a boost! The darker roots with the pretty velvety purple hue is dramatic. This look is not for the faint of heart so if you need to be sure you are ready to take a chance on this eye-catching pixie cut!

Source: via Instagram

Bright Red Pixie

Bright Red Pixie

This fire engine red curly pixie is certainly captivating. The curly fringe gives it a playful vibe but the sassy shade of red says you mean business. Tease the top of your hair to add height and fullness to this funky style!

Source: magaliciousfantasticus via Instagram

Cute Brunette Pixie

Cute Brunette Pixie

This super short brunette pixie is too cute for words! The tousled curls have a windblown look that add texture to this pretty pixie!

Source: kendalllevans via Instagram

Classic Short Curly Pixie Cut For Natural Hair

Classic Short Curly Pixie Cut For Natural Hair #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

For those who prefer the traditional pixie, this short curly pixie cut is very chic and hip. Pixie cut curly hair is super feminine and cute. If you have natural hair with curls, this curly pixie cut African American is a great way to keep your curls healthy and happy, while still sporting a fashionable pixie hair style. Add a burst of color by putting a hint of golden blonde highlights on the tips of random curls throughout to give your super stylish curly pixie cut a multi-tonal vibe.

Source: esterlymelo via Instagram

Super Short Curly Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut With A Side Part

Super Short Curly Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut With A Side Part #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

If you aren’t afraid to go super short, there are plenty of short curly pixie cut hairstyles out there to choose from. This platinum blonde short pixie with a sassy side part is tres chic and sexy. Do a dramatic side part and sweep your hair to one side to give it a sultry vibe. Pair it with some dangling earrings and some dark makeup for a striking look that will turn heads as you walk by. Don’t be afraid to go silver white blonde and show everyone that blondes really do have more fun!

Source: thecutlife via Instagram

Sassy Curly Pixie Cut With Sweeping Bangs

Sassy Curly Pixie Cut With Sweeping Bangs #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Still prefer short bangs? You are not alone! Bangs are making a huge comeback, whether long, short or side swept! This pixie cut with curly bangs is so adorable. Ask for a short curly pixie cut with bangs and style the bangs to one side, making sure they fall just a bit over one eye for a playful vibe. The loose curls in this sassy pixie give it soft and romantic flair.

Source: mua_myesha via Instagram

Pixie Curly Cut With Carefree, Tousled Waves

Pixie Curly Cut With Carefree Tousled Waves #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

If you have wild curls that are not easy to tame, why not flaunt them with this adorable pixie curly cut? Simply add curling mousse to your damp hair, scrunch it a bit and allow it to dry naturally. For a more edgy look that is super sexy, do a deep part to one side and allow some of your bangs to fall playfully on your face. The loose curls will add a ton of volume. If you want even more depth, get some light ash blonde highlights and dark blonde roots.

Source: saraontheinternet via Instagram

Naturally Curly Pixie Cut

Naturally Curly Pixie Cut #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Don’t be afraid to go short if you are blessed with tight curly hair. This naturally curly pixie cut is a great way to showcase those gorgeous natural curls. Ask for more length in the front to add volume and texture to your pixie cut naturally curly hair. Style your bangs wispy so that they fall over your eyes in loose tendrils for a fun and flirty vibe. This short pixie is very sophisticated yet still sexy enough to drive men wild.

Source: aiyanaalewis via Instagram

Voluminous Curly Hair With An Undercut

Voluminous Curly Hair With An Undercut #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Undercuts are pretty much all the rage right now, whether you opt for long hair or a short curly pixie cut. It’s also a great way to show off your naturally curly hair. Ask for an undercut or a shaved side and leave plenty of length on the top and back. Brush your curls forward to add even more body and texture. Leave the other side a bit longer for an asymmetrical look that is all the rage right now and looks even sexier on those who have been gifted with naturally curly tresses.

If you wonder how to style a curly pixie cut, you can always look online for tutorials. However, one of the best things about curly pixie cuts is that they are super easy to style. You basically just need some sea salt spray or some good curling product and volumizing mousse. And you can put away the blow-dryer and allow your curly locks to air dry!

Source: beautybyrachelrenaepaz via Instagram

Shaggy Curly Pixie Cut

Shaggy Curly Pixie Cut #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Pixie cuts are flattering for every face shape. So, if you are looking for a pixie cut curly hair round face, you will have plenty of options. This shaggy curly pixie cut is very cute and also a bit avant-garde if you want a curly pixie cut round face that is edgy and fun. Ask for a shaggy cut to add a ton of volume and texture to your curly tresses. The best part about shaggy pixies is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on styling your hair. It has a sexy bed-head look that is very relaxed, chic and sexy. So, it has an artsy vibe that is cool and contemporary.

Source: esther.itterly via Instagram

Side Swept Voluminous Long Curly Pixie Cut

Side Swept Voluminous Long Curly Pixie Cut #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

If you don’t want to go too short, this long curly pixie cut is the perfect compromise. It is also a great way to keep your thick hair healthy and weightless. Ask for a long pixie cut curly hair and make sure to ask for a lot of length in the front, which is a great way to wear a thick curly pixie cut. Style it to one side and allow it to fall seductively over one eye. Add a good volumizing product to add as much fullness as possible to your thick curly locks.

Source: jadamalan via Instagram

Curly Pixie Pin Up Style

Curly Pixie Pin Up Style #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Another great pixie cut for thick curly hair is this short pixie with pin-up style curls. Pin up hairdos are very much popular these days, if you want a look that is retro and chic. The short sides and full top will give it a bit of an edgy look. The sexy, pin up locks are what makes this sassy pixie stand out. This could be the pixie cut you have been searching for!

Source: viva_glam_kay via Instagram

Pixie Cut With Curly Hair And A Shaved Side

Pixie Cut With Curly Hair And A Shaved Side #curlypixiecut #pixiecut #haircuts #hairtypes #shorthair

Another fun pixie cut with curly hair is this pale golden blonde pixie cut with one shaved side. Ask for long layers on the other side and style your hair over to that side to add volume and texture. Leave a few loose, long pieces in the back and allow your bangs to fall to one side. Tease them a bit on the top to really play up the volume. And what is prettier than a golden shade of platinum blonde to make you feel sexy and vibrant all at once?

Think you are ready to embrace the trend and go for a short curly pixie cut? We think so!

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